City corner column: Warrant roundup under way

March 7, 2010 at 10:05 p.m.
Updated March 6, 2010 at 9:07 p.m.

Q: Does the city do an annual roundup of drivers with outstanding tickets?

A: Yes, and that roundup is currently under way. You can find out if you are on the warrant list by visiting the city Web site,, and clicking on the link to the Municipal Court. There is a warrant list titled "Are You Going to Jail?" that lists all offenders with outstanding warrants (Class C misdemeanors).

Police officers will be searching for any offenders who have not paid their tickets or fines. If they find you, they will arrest you.

Offenders on the list may avoid arrest by calling the Municipal Court to arrange payment, 485-3050. Any class "C" misdemeanor filed in the Victoria municipal court can be paid in full online including traffic fines, city ordinance violations and state law violations. The city accepts credit cards and Western Union for these payments. Partial payments or partial payment requests must be made in person at the municipal court.

Please note that juvenile offenses cannot be paid online. All juveniles are required to appear in open court for all proceedings in their cases. Juveniles must appear with a parent or legal guardian.

For more information about the roundup or to arrange payment of any tickets or fines, call municipal court at 361-485-3050.

Q: How does the city get rid of surplus items? Do you still hold an annual auction?

A: The city sells all surplus vehicles, computers and other equipment through an online auction process available at our Web site. In looking at the current offerings, there are three trucks, some traffic signal posts, an IBM AS400 server, and several small buildings available for bid. This online auction process sells the equipment faster and for more money, making it an ideal selling tool for surplus equipment. To look at items available for sale, browse to the city Web site at and click on the link to "Surplus Property and Equipment Online Auction." If you have questions about our online auctions or want more information, contact our finance department at 485-3080.

Q: Can I call 911 to report my electrical power going out?

A: No. Power outages are inconvenient and uncomfortable, but they are not emergencies that should be reported to 911. According to local representatives from AEP Texas, the single most important step a resident can take to get their power restored quickly is to call the electric company directly. Electric companies have response plans to restore power quickly, but the process cannot begin until they are notified.

Dialing 911 for non-emergency calls does more than just tie up emergency lines. It slows down dispatchers and first responders from their highest priority, responding to real emergencies. Help them save lives by dialing 911 only in a genuine emergency situation.

Q: Aren't politically active groups involved in the Victoria Census count, and can't they manipulate the results?

A: No. The Victoria Census Count Committee uses volunteers from many local organizations to help raise awareness about the census. Volunteers from the Chamber of Commerce, Mid Coast Family Services, Victoria school district, the African American Chamber of Commerce, the Salvation Army, City of Victoria, Victoria County, and other local organizations are on the Victoria Census Count Committee, trying to get our citizens to fill out and return the census. Remember that only trained and sworn employees of the Census Bureau conduct the census. It is illegal for anyone else to do so.

Q: Is the Huvar Recycle Center open daily?

A: The Huvar Recycle Center is open Wednesday through Friday from 11a.m. until 6 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

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