Oceans for Emotions: 'He changeth the times and the seasons'

March 25, 2010 at midnight
Updated March 25, 2010 at 10:26 p.m.

"... and He changeth the times and the seasons."

Today, the season changed and so did I. To a fisherman, a seasonal change changes everything. I can't change the seasons, so I must change with the seasons. That is part of being one with the sea. Slipping from winter into summer is a drastic change of mind and matter.

In the summer, the ocean goers dress in bright colors and causes the whole beach to glimmer in hot neon, flashing colors. In the winter, the native fisherman comes out dressed in drab. In the summer, all my clothes are new and matching. In the winter, I never worry about what I wear. Whoever met somebody looking "cool" in waders and a sweatshirt?

In summer, the tourists worry about tan lines, sun lines and long lines. In the winter, fishermen concentrate on tight lines, 20-pound test lines and suddenly-slack lines. Summer seems to compel people to try to sit on the beach and empty their ice chests. In the winter, we try our best to fill them. Winter makes one feel a lot better the next day.

In the summer, everything is the opposite than in the winter. During summer, kids sit on the tailgate of the trucks parked facing the beach road, so they can wave at everybody who slowly drives past, just in case. I don't think they ever see the water. In the winter, we park our vehicles with the back ends toward the water, so we can get to them quickly and get right to fishing. Fisherman never wave, they just nod their billed caps at people, because they know them and know that they are not there to visit, but to fish.

In the summer, one sees a lot of single parents taking their kids to the beach. In the winter, you notice grown kids taking their older parent to the beach. What comes around, goes around. I guess that is why God made the seasons change.

Dear Lord, thank you for refreshing us with seasonal changes. Some people think of them as summer, autumn, winter and spring. I think Trout, Redfish, Flounder and Golden Croaker Seasons. God, You did well by creating seasons.



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