VISD construction update: Gym flooring goes in


March 28, 2010 at 10:04 p.m.
Updated March 28, 2010 at 10:29 p.m.

Gym flooring was recently installed at Victoria East High School.

Gym flooring was recently installed at Victoria East High School.

Construction continues for the two new high schools and middle schools in the Victoria school district.

All three schools are scheduled to open in August.

Victoria West High School and Cade Middle School

Started quarry tile in high school kitchen

First coat of pain on library walls, sanding and priming ceilings in auditorium

Continued framing cafeteria curtain wall at entrance on east side at high school

Continued installing light fixtures in area H dressing rooms- 90 percent complete

Plumbing rough-in sanitary sewer below slab continued at high school

First floor wainscot 75 percent complete, second and third floor 95 percent complete

Electrical power to chiller pumps, installing light fixtures and running power to light on second and third floor in areas A, B, C, and D, installing audio sound piping

Continued installing light fixtures in area H dressing rooms 90 percent complete at high school

Finished installing sprinkler heads in finished grid at middle school

Continued insulating diffusers and caulking wall penetrations at high school and middle school

Continued installing lab casework for second and third floor labs at high school

Started insulating chilled waterlines in boiler room

Installed cooling water piping to cooling tower at high school

Finished installing kitchen equipment at middle school

Installation of VCT on first floor areas A and B

Started installing fire alarm devices at middle school

Continued installing ceiling tile borders at middle school

Poured remaining sidewalks at middle school, formed and poured additional sidewalks at north side of area E at high school

Started installing toilet partitions in area D of middle school

Electrical trim-out second floor areas A and B, power to exhaust fans, finished isomet cabinet installation at middle school

Finished backfilling and grading around paving, parking lots and sidewalks

Started up chillers at middle school

Continued gym wood flooring at middle school

Victoria East High School

Completed toilet partitions, wire mesh panels, interior doors/ hardware in area H

Installed lockers in area H

Installed tape/ float/ paint drywall in area G

Began installing ceiling grid in area G

Installed gym flooring, sound system in area G

Installed ceiling grids, light fixtures/ ceiling devices, equipment installation in area F

Installed roofing, tape/ float/ paint auditorium ceiling in area E

Installed sound booth, ceiling grid in area E

Installed ceiling grid, science room casework, VCT, stair No. 1 ceilings, stair No. 2 ceilings in areas A, B, C, D on third floor

Tape/ float/ paint walls, ceramic tile, ceiling grid, science room casework, millwork in classrooms in areas A, B, C, D on second floor

Tape/ float/ prime walls on first floor

Entry 101 windows interior

Installed interior aluminum doors



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