Ranging Reporter update: Did a teacher have a positive impact on your life?

May 20, 2010 at 12:20 a.m.

Jackson County educator Gary Thedford is retiring after 39 years in education. Read the story on today's B1. Ranging Reporter JJ Velasquez asked IHOP customers if they had a teacher who had a positive impact on their lives.

A: "Senior year. Mrs. Davis. English. It was at Victoria High School in 1992. She just supported me and really made me think. She was one of those teachers who didn't give up on you."

Kendra McCaskill, registered nurse, Victoria

A: "Yes very much. It was my fourth-grade teacher. She was young and fun. She made us want to learn. And it made me want to be a teacher."

Martha Wallace, retired teacher, Refugio

A: "Mrs. Duzel in Brazil. I was a really bad kid. She was the one who straightened me up. She was 67 years old. After her, I became a better student."

Adrin Dasilva, general contractor, Cuero

A: "Yes. My first-grade teacher. I remember she used to dance with us. That's an easier way for kids to learn."

Dr. Lizbeth Zafra, doctor of natural medicine, Victoria

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