Saturday Sermon: Preserve God-given freedoms

May 27, 2010 at 12:27 a.m.
Updated May 28, 2010 at 12:28 a.m.

By John Fisher

Our Father, we pray for this land. We need Thy help in this time of testing and uncertainty, when we who could fight together on the field of battle seem strangely unable to work together around conference tables for peace.

May we begin to see that all true Americanism begins in being Christian; that it can have no other foundation, as it has no other roots.

To thy glory was this Republic established. For the advancement of the Christian faith did the Founding Fathers give their life's heritage, passed down to us.

We would pray that all over this land there may be a return to the faith of these men and women who trusted in God as they faced the perils and dangers of the frontier, not alone in crossing the continent, in building their cabins, in rearing their families, in eking out a livelihood, but in raising a standard of faith to which men have been willing to repair down through the year.

Thou didst bless their efforts. Thou didst bless America. Thou has made her rich, wilt Thou also make her good?

Make us, the citizens of this land, want to do the right thing. Make us long to have right attitudes. Help us to be Christian in our attitudes. Let all that we do and say spring out of understanding hearts.

Make us willing to seek moral objectives together, that in united action this nation may be resolute for righteousness and peace as she has been for war.

Bless those who bear responsibility. May they be led by Thee to do that which is right, rather than that which is expedient or politically wise.

Save us from politicians who seek only their own selfish interests.

Illumine the minds of management as well as labor, that there may be an end to selfishness and greed, to the stupidity of men who are unable to find reasonable agreement solutions to problems that plague us.

Bless this land that we love so much, our Father, and help her to deposit her trust, not in armies and navies, in wealth and material resources, or in achievements of the human mind, but in that righteousness, which alone exalteth any nation, and by which alone peace can finally come to us. This we ask in that name, that is above every name, Thy Son, Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, Amen. - By Rev. Peter Marshall, late chaplain of the U.S. Senate for many years.

Psalm 33:12 - Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, Peter Marshall's prayer years ago still speaks today.

My dad, John R. Fisher Sr., was wounded several times in World War II in Europe at the Battle of the Bulge. I have his medals and still have family memories told me of his near death.

I am a war baby, and I know my deceased dad would not like what American humanists are doing to our blood bought freedoms.

We, who are God-fearing, Christ-honoring must keep our rights that God gave to us in the Bible and our U.S. Constitution. How? By being faithful to our Lord and putting Godly people in public office.

(Psalm 9:17) The wicked will return to Hell and all nations that forget God.

Why have we Americans fought in wars, died and wounded for life in body and soul? To preserve our God-given rights.

Remember, freedom is never free. Christ died to make us free; Americans have died to keep us free as a God-honoring nation.

The blood of our founding Fathers cries out to us to maintain our God-given freedoms and never remain silent when evil wants to rule.

The Rev. John Fisher is pastor of First Baptist Church in Point Comfort.



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