Memorial Day weekend sure to keep waters busy

May 29, 2010 at 12:29 a.m.

Hello Anglers! It's been said that Memorial Day weekend will be the busiest weekend of the year with a record amount of boaters on the water. Several boat dealers have told me that the two weeks before Memorial Day weekend are extremely busy getting boats repaired and ready. Please be extra careful not only this weekend but all summer long as more boats will be roaming the bays.

Another quick reminder that is a serious problem on the coast is navigating on the Intercoastal Canal and other channels. I have had numerous encounters with many boaters who are clueless about navigating the Intercoastal Waterway. The rules are the same as driving a car on the freeway. Always stay on your side. When passing a boat, pass on the same side as you would pass a car. When passing a barge, if you're on the right side of the canal stay to the right side of the barge when passing. This will keep you away from oncoming traffic. If everyone followed these simple rules, then no one would be in danger. If you are encountering another boat head-on, always turn or veer to the right. If both boats turn to the right, then there would not be a collision. You would be surprised by how many boaters do not know which side of a channel to drive on when another boat approaches from the opposite direction.

Fishing in the Coastal Bend area has still been a roller coaster ride and an adventure. High winds the past two weeks have kept fishermen and fisherwomen on protected south shorelines and in the back lakes. At least the tides have been high allowing anglers to wade through miles and miles of prime knee deep fishable water. The bite has been inconsistent. The fish may move up and feed for an hour the entire day so being at the right place at the right time is still very crucial. Redfish and trout will eventually roam into this knee deep zone sooner or later as long as there is something to eat.

Topwaters and swimming baits have been the most effective. Most of the protected available wadeable water is clear so the dark colored 4" Bass Assassin Paddle Tail Sea Shads have been the best. The Blue Chrome She Pup and Chartreuse Head Black Back Top Dog by MirrOlure have been the best topwaters. Remember, persistence pays off if you are still pursuing a big trout. Many people continue to play the lottery week after week believing that they can and may eventually win. Sometimes fishing for bigger than average game fish in shallow water requires the same attitude. Another tactic that I've talked about before that has recently worked is tying an 18" leader line on the back of your favorite topwater. Insert a Black Morning Glory Bass Assassin onto a weedless hook so that the worm floats freely. The fish may miss the topwater but will usually hit the worm trailer.

Unfortunately the nasty little croakers are now at all the bait houses along the Coast and are outgunning artificial baits 10 to 1. Sand pockets, grasslines, drop-offs and shell ridges are prime targets to throw these creatures. I'll talk about croaker soaker fishing in my next article. This bait is by far the most effective method in putting trout on the stringer or in the box for the next three months.

It looks like this weekend the winds will finally calm down. Who knows, this could be the first weekend to fish the surf.

Good Fishing,

Captain Danny



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