Victoria's newest downtown bar offers drinks, ambiance

By by maria linnikova
Nov. 3, 2010 at 6:03 a.m.

New wine bar, 77901, opened in October on Main Street in Victoria.

New wine bar, 77901, opened in October on Main Street in Victoria.

The 77901 Bar isn't your typical bar, but a relaxing place to hang out with friends or to even go on a casual date.

"This is not a place to get wild," barowner Lauren Bade said. "That's why I arranged the furniture the way I did."

The 77901 Bar had its grand opening on Oct. 1, attracting patrons that want more than just an after-work drink. Mixtures of vodka, gin and any type of tonic are available, yet there is one other spirit that customers crave.

"Wine is definitely our most popular drink," Bade said. "We get about 20 to 30 people at one time, yet it never gets overwhelming to me."

Wine isn't the only allure of the bar. The warm and inviting atmosphere attracts downtown folks to have a drink and relax.

Eating at one of the many tables also gives visitors a chance to study the traditional, antique style of the bar's scenery.

"It was exactly what I wanted," Bade said.

The opening of the bar has a lot to do with Bade's desire to entertain, and while looking for a place, the building caught her eye.

"The space was (exactly what) I visualized it should be," Bade said.

The design and layout of the furniture creates space for business meetings and social groups to come in and catch up on old memories, or if you just want a quiet place to read a book.

"It is a place to come and sit with your friends and have a conversation and a drink," Bade said. "That is why I created such a quiet environment."

As downtown has its historical buildings, local shops and few restaurants, Bade feels confident that her bar will stand out from other downtown bars and restaurants. She hopes her business will become well known all over Victoria.

"I think it is going to grow into what it should be," Bade said.

Moving to Victoria from Fredericksburg, Bade has a love for downtown. When she moved to Victoria, 77901 was the only zip code in the county, which lead to the name of this new bar.

Her business rests on 221 S. Main St., in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the many tourists and construction workers.

"It's all about downtown, that's where home is," said Bade about the bar's location.

The 77901 Bar is open from 5:30 to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.



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