Christmas Parade will be at community center again this year

Nov. 14, 2010 at 5:14 a.m.

By O.C. Garza

Why is the Lighted Christmas Parade being held at the community center instead of downtown Victoria?

The Lighted Christmas Parade will be at the community center this year because two downtown construction projects are under way, which makes holding the parade at De Leon Plaza impossible.

The 2010 Lighted Christmas Parade will be on Saturday, Dec. 4, at the Victoria Community Center. The parade will be held come snow, rain or sunshine, and is limited to the first 120 entries.

There are still spaces available for parade floats so if you are interested in having a float in the parade, fill out the online float application at For more information, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 361-485-3200.

Now that Sam Houston Drive is under construction, what is the extent of the project and how long will it take?

The Sam Houston Drive Reconstruction is the largest single street project in the city's history, rebuilding Sam Houston from Laurent Street to the Houston Highway. It will cost an estimated $17.9 million and take 22 months to complete. The project includes new water and sewer lines; replacing the curbs and gutters, driveways, and sidewalks; storm sewer improvements; relocating above-ground utilities; installing fiber-optic conduit and cable; constructing handicapped accessible ramps; and repaving the street with concrete paving.

Please note that all businesses and homes on Sam Houston Drive will remain accessible during the construction.

Can leftover light cooking oils be run through my garbage disposal?

No. Never put any cooking oils or grease down the drain. Our pretreatment department recommends that after cooking; pour leftover grease and oils into covered collection containers like an empty mayonnaise jar, and dispose of it in the garbage.

To lessen the impact of oils and greases when washing dishes, don't run hot water over dishes, fryers or griddles to wash oil and grease down the drain. Instead, wipe them with a paper towel before washing and put the dirty paper towels in the garbage.

Another way to help prevent sewer lines blocked by grease and oils is to use environmentally safe cleaning products instead of harsh detergents or cleaners that can damage sewer lines. If you generate large amounts of used cooking oil, recycle it at the Huvar Recycle Center.

Do I have to drive downtown to the library to return books and DVDs?

No. The Victoria Public Library has three book drops around the city including a one in the parking lot of the Victoria City-County Health Clinic, 2805 N. Navarro St. Book drops are open 24 hours a day for the return of library materials. Other book drops are located in the Victoria Mall parking lot at 7800 N. Navarro St. near Red Lobster, and next to the Victoria Public Library on Main Street in downtown Victoria. You can return books and materials inside the library too.

Audio visual materials including CDs, DVDs, books on CDs and Playaways should be placed in the drop opening designated for audio visual materials. For more information about book drops, call the Victoria Public Library at 361-485-3302 or visit their website at

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