We must prevent illegal immigration

Nov. 26, 2010 at 5:26 a.m.
Updated Nov. 28, 2010 at 5:28 a.m.

Trevor Polk

Trevor Polk

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The American nation has been known by a lot of names over the centuries, such as "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave," as well as the "Great Melting Pot."

Throughout history, many immigrants migrated to the country to better their lives and look for equal opportunity, so the most common description of the country is "We are a nation of immigrants."

However, lately the nation has been overrun by an alarming number of illegal immigrants across all the borders, especially in the states of Texas, California, Arizona and Florida.

The rapid rate of illegal immigration in the country has caused a loss of available jobs, under-funded education in public schools and an increased crime rate.

Any time the topic of illegal immigration taking American jobs is brought up, people use the slogan, "They are doing the jobs that no one else wants to."

This isn't necessarily true; they do the jobs Americans don't want to do for below minimum wage.

The large number of illegal aliens in the workforce causes several issues.

Most employers pay them in cash to avoid paying taxes, which enables them also to qualify for welfare benefits.

The low wages that illegal immigrants work for makes it an easy, unfair choice for employers when seeking new workers.

Also, illegal immigration takes a toll on the public schools' state funding money.

In most states, they have the "No child left behind program," in which the state must provide for an education for a child even if they are illegal aliens.

The high costs for the illegal aliens has led to public schools having major cutbacks in programs like extracurricular activities and textbooks; and some schools get so far in the hole that, in the end, they have to close down.

Also, the cutbacks could lead to certain teachers losing their jobs because the school can't pay them the proper salary.

According to Jack Martin of the Federation of American Immigration Reform, illegal aliens cost taxpayers more money, which has decreased the amount of money that goes to a state's school funds, which leads to major cutbacks in the public school programs.

However, the most controversial aspect of illegal immigration is the rapid increase of criminal activity across the borders of the nation.

In certain states, the crime rate has gotten so bad that the government in the state had to intervene and take matters in its own hands like Arizona, which gave police the power to demand proof of citizenship from a suspect.

In Texas, the border patrol is undermanned and is in constant peril of the dangerous Mexican drug cartels, who terrorize citizens in Texas by kidnapping and even go to the extreme extent of killing people so they can get drugs across the border and distribute it.

With the increase of crime, one can predict that the crime wave coming from the borders should increase exponentially in the coming years, especially if the open-border policy is still in effect in the future.

In conclusion, there are many aspects of illegal immigration that a person can say are negative and leave turmoil in the aftermath.

The nation must try to combat the issue of illegal immigration before it spreads any further and really starts to affect U.S. citizens' daily lives.

Trevor Polk lives in Victoria and is a freshman English student, attending The Victoria College.



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