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Father and son bond during pushmobile derby

By KBell
Oct. 9, 2010 at 5:09 a.m.



First Place - 1 minute. 40 seconds.

Travis Schrade, Pack 62

Dominick Casteron, Pack 62

Ty Foeh, Pack 114

Juan Ramirez, Pack 114

Austin Manning, Pack 336

Maven Potcinske, Pack 62


First Place - 1 minute, 18 seconds.

Nikolas Zerangue, Pack 364

Zachary Shaver, Pack 364

Hunter Aldridge, Pack 364

Grayson Seals, Pack 364

Will Cooke, Pack 364

Reed Rivera, Pack 364


First Place - 1 minute 8 seconds

Hunter Thomas, Pack 114

Trenton Carter, Pack 114

Christopher Speed, Pack 364

Benjamin Schneider, Pack 364

Zachary Fuhrken, Pack 114

Zachary Braune, Pack 114


First Place - 1 minute 4 seconds.

Hayden Daughtrey, Pack 422

Nathan Arent, Pack 422

Henry Poncio, Pack 101

Daniel Gonzales, Pack 101

Bailey Kolb, Pack 101

Zachery Mendoza, Pack 101

BEST IN SHOW TROPHY winner was Pack 114

With all of his 7-year-old might, Grayson Seals pushed a fellow Cub Scout past rows of checkered flags in the DeLeon District Pushmobile Derby on Saturday morning.

His father, Richard Seals, cheered him on and remembered doing the same thing half a century ago.

"For a lot of people, (scouting) becomes a lifelong thing," the wolf pack den leader of Troop 364 said.

He said he remembered celebrating the scout's 50th anniversary in 1960 and is proud to be sharing its 100th anniversary with his son.

None of the parents, spectators or 45 Cub Scout contestants seemed to know exactly how many years the annual pushcar derby had been happening, though.

"It's just been going on, and somebody keeps doing it every year," said Clifton Rose, the district executive of the DeLeon District, which includes Victoria and Goliad.

Rose said he thinks the kids love the competition the day provides, but they also enjoy seeing friends from other schools who are in the Scouts.

"Same for the parents, they enjoy getting together, too," he said.

The most poignant memory the elder Seals said he has of his time competing in the derby was spending time with his dad.

"I don't even know who won," Seals said before his son was able to show off his first-place medal. "I just like spending time with my son. And I think he likes spending time with me, too."

The relay derby, which was at the Victoria Mall, required teams of two to take turns pushing and riding in pushcars as they rushed down the parking lot to the finish line.

"I like pushing, because I get to make more muscles," the younger Seals said, proudly displaying his right bicep. "I liked when we raced with my friends, and also when I had to jump out of the car," he added.

The Wolf Cub doted over his new medal that he will add to his collection of patches and belt loops that chronicle all of the experiences he's enjoyed with his father.

"It's something the whole family does, and it brings the family together," Seals said.



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