Victoria County continues program to deal with nuisance animals


Oct. 11, 2010 at 5:11 a.m.

Kevin Janak

Kevin Janak

Taxpayers will continue to fund the county trapper program designed to help farmers and ranchers in Victoria County get rid of nuisance animals.

The commissioners court agreed Monday to spend $2,400 a month to continue the program. That's an increase of $200 a month.

"It continues to increase, and we have talked about this service on several occasions," County Judge Don Pozzi said. "But it's a very valuable service to our farmers and ranchers."

The judge said unfortunately the county has no control over the program operated by the Texas Wildlife Services Program. While the county has the option of dropping the program, Pozzi said it's a service farmers and ranchers need.

When the trapper is called, he attempts to capture and euthanize any wild animals that are damaging crops in the county. That could include nuisance animals within the city of Victoria.

Pozzi said the animals include everything from wild hogs to coyotes.

County Commissioner Kevin Janak said typically the hogs are the biggest problem. They do most of the damage at night when it's difficult for anyone to see them.

"They do a tremendous amount of damage to the farmers," he said. "Hopefully the trappers will continue to try to get rid of a majority of these hogs."

The hogs prefer such crops as corn, and they tend to attack just as it begins to ripen, Janak said. They also root up hayfields, looking for wild onions, he said.

"It's just a severe problem in the county," he said.

Coyotes are also a problem because they eat chickens, he said. But the coyotes usually travel in packs and are easier to spot, he said.



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