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Calculate cost of your road trip with Go-Gas.com

By by cj castillo/cjcastillo@vicad.com
Oct. 20, 2010 at 5:20 a.m.

If you are planning a road trip, there is a website that can help you calculate your fuel costs before you even leave the driveway.

Sure, there are several fuel cost estimate sites and apps out there that already do this task. But what is great about Go-Gas.com is its simplicity and use of Google Maps to plan your car trip.

To begin the process of calculating your fuel cost, you enter your car's fuel consumption, price of gas in your area (be sure to select the correct currency), and then plot a route. You have the option of either typing in your destination or you can click on the Google Map, choosing various stops. Once you have finished plotting out your trip, your fuel cost is calculated.

So, if the price of gas is a concern, Go-Gas.com may be the first stop before you hit the road.



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