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VC students win top honors in welding competition

Oct. 30, 2010 at 5:30 a.m.

Left to right: Tyler Egger, Javier Castro, Sabastian Kucera and Carlos Hernandez.

Six welding students from Victoria College placed in the Wharton County Junior College Welding Contest.

VC entered five students in the Level 1 competition and one student in the Level 2 competition. Javier Castro, Carlos Hernandez, Arnaldo Rodriguez, Tyler Egger and Bryce Sander competed at Level 1. Sabastian Kucera competed at Level 2.

The contest was open to high school and college students who compete on four separate skills levels.

Level placement for the contest was based on the number of semester hours completed in a welding program.

"Because of the timing of the contest, VC did not take any students for Level 3 or the Masters level," said VC welding instructor Wade Vrana. "Those skills are not covered until the spring semester."

Competing against welding students from WCJC and San Jacinto College, Castro, Hernandez and Rodriguez took first, second and third in the Level 1 competition and Kucera took home second place in Level 2.

The students credit Vrana with encouraging them to enter the contest and providing guidance and support throughout the competition.

"I'm proud of these guys," added Vrana. "They did a great job and represented VC well."



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