Couple tracks down owner of missing wallet

By by jennifer preyss
Sept. 1, 2010 at 4:01 a.m.

What's the protocol for finding a wallet with $50 cash and credit cards in full view? Some might hand it over to the nearest lost and found, while others may leave it alone and wait for the owner to return. Worse yet, some may elect to simply take the money and run.

Victoria residents Bob and Terri Jackson found such a wallet Monday afternoon while shopping at H-E-B Plus on North Navarro Street, and opted for option four: Track down the owner.

"I was brought up that way, if you find something that doesn't belong to you, you find out how to return it," Terri Jackson said.

Making her way toward the grocery carts, Terri Jackson found a small wallet in one of the store's grocery baskets. Noticing cash and credit cards in clear view, she hesitated to leave it behind, or turn it over to lost and found.

"We found a wallet once before and turned it in to lost and found," Terri Jackson said. "We found out later the person never got it back."

When she returned home from H-E-B, she asked her husband to search the wallet for the owner's name and phone number.

They soon discovered the wallet belonged to Susannah Porr, also of Victoria, and began the process of tracking her down.

"I wouldn't want someone to keep my wallet," Bob Jackson said. "You'd always hope that someone would return something like that if you lost it."

Once reached, Porr said she wasn't yet aware her wallet was missing, and could hardly believe that someone would go to such lengths to return it.

"I'd been out with my son, who was ill today, and I didn't even realize I'd lost it," Porr said. "They were the nicest couple, really good people."

Porr met with the Jacksons later that day and quickly realized all the contents in her wallet were still intact.

"He was this motorcycle dude, not that I judge anyone by how they look, but he wasn't someone I would have pegged as the ultimate do-gooder. They both are," Porr said.

Though she offered the Jackson's a $50 reward, Porr said the couple flatly refused.

"I wasn't expecting them to ask for a reward, but I thought it was the least I could do," Porr said. "They did not hesitate to refuse the cash reward."

And by returning a stranger's wallet, the Jacksons weren't aware to what extent they prevented a major disruption in Porr's work week.

On Thursday, Porr is leaving the country for a work trip to Canada and said she would have had to cancel every credit card and renew her driver's license before the trip.

"I would've had to go through what everybody goes through when they lose their wallet, it's a pain to do all that," Porr said.

As it turns out, the Jacksons are adamant about tracking down owners to any lost items they find, including cell phones, purses and wallets, and will continue to do so as long they have the means to locate the owners.

"We just try to live by the golden rule," Bob Jackson said.

For Porr, a transplant to Victoria seven years ago from Houston, she was simply thankful to live in a town where people are honest and consistently helpful.

"I just find that the people from Victoria are incredibly gracious and kind, and it's nice to live in a community like this," she said.



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