Years ago for Sunday, Sep 05, 2010

Sept. 1, 2010 at 4:01 a.m.


September 8 - For a short time this week, many citizens detected a peculiar taste and smell about the city water. It is the theory of some that this was due to a vein of water containing more sulphur in one of the wells being opened during the dry spell. Others have an idea that the water and sewer system became mixed, but Superintendent Wheeler declares this is absolutely impossible. He says he has noticed nothing wrong with the water and believes that the complaints were due more to imagination than anything else. When somebody suggested that possibly the reservoir had become foul or that some malicious person had thrown something in it, Mr. Wheeler said he had made careful inspection of the basin and found it in a perfectly sanitary condition.

September 9 - A vivid display of lightning, accompanied by a heavy rain and high wind, occurred here this afternoon The thermometer fell 21 degrees, from 90 to 69. The Advocate's electric power was disrupted during the storm causing considerable local news to be left out of today's paper.

September 10 - L. P. Leibold and daughter, Miss Sophie, left this afternoon for Clark's Station, where Mr. Leibold will hunt wolves on Louis Foester's ranch. He enjoyed a wolf hunt on the ranch last week, and succeeded in killing a genuine lobo, shooting the animal at a distance of 30 yards. He expects to bring back at least eight pelts this time.


September 5 - B. F. Bryant, of the State Department of Agriculture, gave warning while in Victoria today that persons selling cut flowers without licenses and inspections are violating the law and are subject to prosecution. The cost of a florist's license is $3.50.

September 6 - Leon Zear Post No. 166, The American Legion, is making it possible for all schools in the city and county to display Texas flags as well as American flags that were given to them last year by the post. Arrangements have been made for the schools to purchase the state flags at A&S Levy's at very attractive prices.

September 7 - Mayor Ben T. Jordan received a telegram yesterday from United States Senator Morris Sheppard stating that preliminary approval had been given Victoria's street paving project by the Public Works Administration.

September 10 - Prospects for another oil field in Victoria County, indicated a few days ago when the Texas Company's No. 1 Warden in the southern portion of the county tested heavy gas in twelve feet of sand and showing an oil saturation of 4, 488 to 5,400 feet, where regarded as certain today after the same well showed 1,200 feet of oil, mud and some salt water.


September 6 - The present paving program based on petition, assessment and joint financing by the city and property owner will be suspended indefinitely as of Sept. 30, City Council agreed Tuesday on recommendation from City Manager John Lee. Lee said that is necessary in order for the city to catch up on paving and related work and review and evaluate present paving policy.

September 11 - A preliminary report shows 8,288 students are enrolled in Victoria Independent School District schools for the fall semester. The figure included 4,914 elementary students (grades one through six) 1,916 in junior high schools (grades 7, 8 and 9) and 1,458 in high schools included 1,191 students at Victoria High School, and 267 students enrolled in F. W. Gross High School. Junior High students were divided 946 at Patti Welder, 937 at Crain, and 33 at Wood Memorial School. The elementary school breakdown was as follows: Aloe, 214; Guadalupe, 155; Hopkins, 770 and growing; Juan Linn, 620; Mitchell, 329; O'Connor, 472; Shields, 678; Smith, 548; Stanly, 400; William Offer, 251; Wood, 130; and Gross Elementary, 347.


September 5 - An additional 24 teachers have joined the Victoria Independent School District faculty. The teachers were hired by Victoria trustees during and Aug. 29 board meeting. The hiring filled most vacancies for classroom positions in the Victoria school system.

September 7 - Sarah Louise Cox, 19 months old, became an American citizen Friday morning in Victoria. She was adopted from Korea by Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Michael Cox of Corpus Christi when she was 5 months old.

September 9 - The grounds of the newly completed Diocese of Victoria Chancery were blanketed Sunday afternoon with a dazzling rainbow of colors during the historic dedication of the building. A magenta procession of 17 bishops, 6 of them native to Victoria, walked past onlookers to the dedication platform. They were followed by the color guard of the Crossroads Living History Association. Dresses in formal uniforms, members of the Knights of Columbus and the Knights of St. Gregory added to the pageantry of the event. Among those witnessing the celebration were priests and nuns from throughout the 10-county diocese.

September 10 - A resolution unanimously adopted Monday by Victoria County Commisioner's Court officially named county portions of the existing and future Loop 463 as "Zac Lentz Parkway." The resolution honors Lentz, a local businessman, for his dedicated efforts in promoting the development of the highway system in Victoria County.



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