Callers talk about school entrances, other topics

Sept. 15, 2010 at 4:15 a.m.

I am calling about the question on the school entrances at the high schools. We have got such an idiot school board. I think that the school board should pay out of their salary for the extra entrance to the school. We actually should have three entrances; there should be an emergency entrance. The school board is so stupid, they should have thought about this.

Roseannie, Victoria

I think that the whole Cuero Police Department should be under investigation. The whole police department is corrupt, and someone needs to do something about it, and soon. This has been going on too long; somebody needs to do something.

Kathy, Cuero

In response to Jefro of Cuero: Before y'all go voting Democrat, y'all have been in office two years Jefro, what have you done but spend billions of dollars? Frankly, I would rather have a job to be able to eat.

Mark, Port Lavaca

The writer who wrote that cigarettes kill people every day is full of it. Obesity kills more. I have smoked daily for 65 years, am not overweight and have no aliments. The secret is smoke, but don't inhale.

Joseph, Palacios

About the high school: No sidewalks, hike and bike trail, but it is illegal for the children to walk on that. They have got to write essays on books that they have never seen. I called the school, and they referred me to the police department. No help.

Ruby, Victoria

I saw in the newspaper where the ditches need to be mowed, but what about these vacant lots that are not mowed on Navarro and Stockbauer? Somebody needs to check into that because those lots look terrible when you drive in town.

Ann, Victoria

To eliminate school traffic, the city needs to designate off-campus student parking lots with buses into and away from school, similar to the large city airport parking.

Mary, Victoria

Why doesn't the city consider once a month pickup of grass and yard waste? No one needs it weekly, and fees can remain the same.

Karen, Victoria

I would like more coverage of Ganado football. We are doing really good, and nobody seems to even care. We always get the shaft.

April, Ganado



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