Harrison quietly becoming major threat for West

Sept. 26, 2010 at 4:26 a.m.

The ball wasn't a bullet, but it was solidly thrown by Kyle Motal. A defender got his hand up and popped it up in the air.

For a few fleeting seconds, it fluttered straight up as a defensive back for Corpus Christi King waited for it to delicately land in his hands.

Then, something hit him.

Junior wide receiver Seth Harrison for Victoria West came up from behind and bulled through the Mustangs' defender, stealing the would-be interception from the air and taking it for a six yard gain.

"I saw it hit a defenders hand, and I just ran to where it was going to be and fell on it," he said.

It was a breakout game for Harrison, who made nine catches for 109 yards and a touchdown. He also makes occasional appearances out of the Wildcat set at quarterback.

"Everything just looked like it was slow motion for me," Harrison said of his performance. "(Quarterback Kyle) Motal was putting the ball where he needed and I was looking at him and trying to catch it and then take off with it."

Harrison also saved the Warriors from an early turnover late in the second quarter, bowling over a defender on a pass tipped up into the air and catching the ball.

In his first varsity season, Seth Harrison is fast becoming one of the biggest receiving threats, and the one of the most dangerous offensive weapons for the Warriors this season.

He's averaging just under 17 yards per catch after Friday's victory against San Antonio Highlands, where he added another four catches for 98 yards and two touchdowns.

All told, he has 404 receiving yards entering the final non-district game for the Warriors, at South San on Friday.

But he said he's not getting a big head about himself. He knows the reality of what could happen if someone starts playing well behind him.

"My coaches aren't letting it get to our heads," he said. "They're still telling us that no one had their spot secure, that someone could come up from behind and take it."

Harrison's skill on the field is made even more impressive considering this is only his second season as a wide receiver, and playing high school football also.

"In junior high, I played quarterback, and I didn't play football my freshman year, I played baseball," he said.

He was talked into coming out by one of his baseball coaches, and ended up shifting from quarterback to wide receiver to accommodate for an injury.

"I had tendonitis in my arm, but they talked me into coming out and playing wide receiver," he said. "I was with varsity for a little while, but I wasn't going to get any playing time. So they moved me to JV."

His baseball career isn't over either. He played centerfield last year. This year, he expects to move to catcher.

A big part of both sports, he said, is having confidence in himself and his teammates.

"Believing in each other and my teammates," "I know that if the ball is coming to me, the ball is going to be where it needs to be and I can just catch it."

Harrison, if he continues at this pace, could have college scouts knocking on his door next season.

But it's a little premature for that.

"I'm hoping so, either football or baseball," he said. "But this is my first year on a level higher than people from Victoria knowing about me."


Players on one side say the other played an easy schedule.

The other defends itself as as having an extremely talented team.

Ah yes, it's the sound of East and West.

For the first time in any sport, Victoria East and Victoria West will lock horns with each other on the volleyball court this Friday at 5:30 p.m.

Technically, it's a home game for Victoria West. But one Titan player said she expects there to be a large East contingent, especially since it's the football team's off week.

There's a lot of intrigue entering this match going beyond just being a meeting of crosstown teams.

The Titans (14-13, 1-0) view themselves as the team to beat in District 30-4A, a team with a lot of talented seniors. There is a sense of urgency for them, because the core of the team is about to graduate.

West (22-5, 1-0) is a young team built mostly with juniors, and took apart Gregory-Portland, and everyone else in their non-district season.

I don't know who's going to win the district, but I would be surprised if the top two spots are anyone but East and West.



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