Halloween becoming increasingly popular with adults


Sept. 29, 2010 at 4:29 a.m.

Move over, kids. The adults are taking over Halloween, and we aren't about to give it back any time soon.

Eh, quit your whining. You've had a good run with all those years running around the streets like a bunch of hooligans begging for candy. But the tide has shifted, kiddies. After years of slowing creeping in with our elaborate costumes and theme parties, the adults are now in a position to take Halloween over completely. And as they say "Carpe Demon" (or, you know, whatever).

Oh, I know I should have broken this to you more gently. But in my defense, I'm still a little bitter about my own childhood Halloween experiences. Growing up, I was not allowed to go trick-or-treating. Let me say that again. Growing up, I was Not. Allowed. To. Go. Trick. Or. Treating.

Personally, I think this bordered on child abuse (alas, Child Protective Services disagreed and seemed rather annoyed when my 7-year-old self called their hotline and tried to press charges against my mother). The reason for this atrocity was that there was a deep-seated extended family belief that reveling on the "Devil's holiday" would result in all of us children being possessed by demons. As such, instead of participating in the elaborate costume-for-candy bartering system like most children, we had a small family party every year on All Hallow's Eve when demon possessions were apparently less likely (although the jury is still out on my cousin Larry, who I hope for his sake is possessed and that's not actually his personality).

And so now, every Halloween I try to make up for my lost childhood by coming up with increasingly creative costumes and reveling in the streets as I steal candy from any child who happens to pass by me (I'm kidding about that last part, of course ... mostly).

And I'm not alone. Almost 70 percent of young adults aged 18-to-24 are projected to participate in Halloween activities this year and dress up in costumes, the highest of any other age group, according to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation. Young adults are also more likely than any other age group to throw or attend a party (55 percent) and visit a haunted house (38 percent).

(And yes, I realize that at 29, I'm not "quite" a young adult but factoring in my low maturity level, it all equals out).

So now the only question that remains is just what will us adults be dressing up as this year? Not sure yet? Well, luckily for you I've compiled some great ideas that are also surprisingly cost-effective. For instance:

Strap a doll to your duff, sit on it and go as a babysitter.

Carry around a sign all night that says "Vote for the Devil" and go as a Devil's advocate.

Duct tape a small child to your back, and go as a hunch-backed-two-headed guy (Note: Be sure to get permission from the child first).

Better yet, duct tape your head sticky-side-out and roll in freshly mowed grass and go as a Chia Pet.

Wear a raggedy old pair of shorts and T-shirt, carry around a tiki torch and go as a recent loser from "Survivor."



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