Top of her class: St. Joseph senior prepares for college

Trysta Eakin

April 2, 2011 at 7:02 p.m.
Updated April 1, 2011 at 11:02 p.m.

Stephanie Kasper, a shy, 17-year-old senior at Victoria's St. Joseph High School, is readying to give the speech of her life. Although at the time of publication, the school's valedictorian had yet to be announced, Stephanie is at the top of her class with a 102.2800 GPA (out of 100 points) and it looks pretty likely she'll address her fellow students come graduation day.

In addition to her studies, Stephanie is a National Merit semi-finalist and involved in a multitude of activities. She answered a few questions GC had about her life and aspirations.

All things considered

I run cross country, am involved in St. Joe's theatrical productions, and play softball for the school. I also play for a local travel softball team called Texas Trouble and altar serve at Our Lady of Victory Cathedral.

Juggling act

The word juggling makes it sound so dramatic, but working hard is really just something I've always done. I guess I've been able to balance everything so well because I know what I can handle. Personally, I'm more productive when I have more work to do, but I'm always careful to keep my work level below the breaking point where everything I'm doing starts to suffer. Sure, there have been a few sacrifices along the way, but the rewards are generally worth it.

College orientation

I'm still considering my college decision, but I have my choices narrowed down to Rhodes College (Tenn.), Carelton College (Minn.) and Oberlin College (Ohio).


My career prospects are still fairly open, but at the moment, I'm interested in adult literacy and education. Also, although not quite career related, it's one of my dreams to own a Volkswagen van at some point in my future.

Taking center stage

The highlight of my senior year so far has been the fall theatrical production of "Alice in Wonderland." It was my first play at St. Joseph and I played the Mock Turtle. The experience of getting so far out of my comfort zone and doing something I had no idea I could even do was incredible.

Roots of education

I'm aware of how nerdy this sounds, but I'm really looking forward to finding a new community of people in college who are as excited about learning as I am - the kind of people who will inspire me to delve deeper into my own interests.

He who would learn to fly

My advice for surviving high school: don't take advice about high school from the newspaper. Seriously, though, high school is your time to start figuring things out for yourself. Don't depend on someone else's opinion of what you're interested in or make decisions just because you think it will look impressive on a college application. Try to be yourself (if you can figure out who that is) and whatever you're doing, have fun.



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