Oceans For Emotions: What was it like back in the day?

April 6, 2011 at midnight
Updated April 7, 2011 at 11:08 p.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

By Elaine WheatEditor's Note: This is a continuation of articles dedicated to this Lenten season.

"Feed the flock of God."

- I Peter 5:2

After Jesus had started His ministry by healing the sick, loving the unlovely, casting out demons, letting little children come unto Him and teaching by example how we all should live, people started following him. They could tell that "there is something about Jesus" that the other prophets and priests just didn't have.

They began to follow Him by the masses. I wonder if the teenage kids said, "Man, Jesus rocks," or tried to get their moms to weave their robes with his image on them or "rapped" in Aramaic:

"Listen closely to the story that we sing,

It's a rapping story about what Jesus will bring;

If you are ready to hear some more,

Clap your hands, one, two, three, four."

When one boy got home after dark, his parents were ragging on him about being late, and he said that he had a fish story that they wouldn't believe for an excuse. He told them that a bunch of men had followed a man name Jesus out into the desert because they had heard that He could do miracles and speak about God's love, so he went with them. They all had stayed too late and were hungry, and this man Jesus told His disciples to gather all the food they could find and He would feed the 5,000. "Now is where the fish story starts," he said. "Mom, do you remember giving me a basket with two little fish and five loaves of bread?" Mom nodded.

The boy continued, wide-eyed, "A disciple asked him to give to Jesus what he had, and even though he felt foolish doing it, he gladly shared it with him. "Jesus took it, and his helpers started handing it out. Your two little fishes and five bread loaves served 5,000 men, after Jesus prayed over it. They even picked up 12 baskets that were left, and the 12 followers got that. Jesus never did eat because He loved the others more."

His dad said, "I want to meet this man, Jesus, and check this out. The boy smiled and said, "I think that is what the man Jesus had in mind when he used my two fish to feed the 5,000 men."

Dear Lord, maybe we fishermen don't have a lot of talents, but they are enough when we give them to You.



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