Traffic Tips

April 9, 2011 at 8 p.m.
Updated April 8, 2011 at 11:09 p.m.

By Sgt. Julian Huerta

This week's traffic law is found in The Texas Transportation Code section, 550.023

Sec. 550.023.

Duty to give information and render aid. The operator of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in the injury or death of a person or damage to a vehicle that is driven or attended by a person shall:

(1) Give the operator's name and address, the registration number of the vehicle the operator was driving, and the name of the operator's motor vehicle liability insurer to any person injured or the operator or occupant of or person attending a vehicle involved in the collision;

(2) If requested and available, show the operator's driver's license to a person described by Subdivision (1); and

(3) Provide any person injured in the accident reasonable assistance, including transporting or making arrangements for transporting the person to a physician or hospital for medical treatment if it is apparent that treatment is necessary, or if the injured person requests the transportation.

Why the emphasis on this particular traffic law this week?

Some people, who have never been in a crash, don't know what to do when involved in one. Not exchanging the information as needed could create a lot of problems for yourself, as you won't have everything you need to file a claim with your insurance provider. If you got the address of the other person initially you would be able to locate them and obtain the information.

The fine for a violation of section 550.023, which is a class c misdemeanor, is $250.

Again, traffic enforcement is about correcting driving errors through the issuing of warnings and citations as a means of education to help assure a safe driving environment for everyone. For more information, contact Sgt. Julian Huerta, Traffic Safety Unit (361) 485-3700.



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