Years ago for Sunday, Apr 24, 2011

April 21, 2011 at midnight
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April 24 - The wrestling match between Tom Long and the middleweight champion of Germany, postponed from Thursday night on account of bad weather, will take place at Hauschild's Opera House tonight. Both men have been training hard and are in the pink of condition.

April 24 - For sale: A cow. Apply at Advocate office.

April 26 - The Fire Department respectfully requests the merchants to let those of the employees who are firemen off tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock and to close their place of business at noon for the rest of the day. If the weather is fair, the day will be one of the most enjoyable of the year, and the celebration will be one of the grandest ever given here.

April 27 - Overcoats have been in demand during the past few weeks. Winter and spring are mixed up. Lots of sunshine would be welcome to straighten out things to our liking.

April 30 - The Advocate acknowledges receipt of an invitation to the season's opening ball of the LaSalle Hotel and Pavilion at Port O'Connor, to be held Friday evening, May 5. The affair will be one of the most brilliant social events ever given in Southern Texas, and will be attended by many Victorians.


April 24 - Authorities this morning averted probably a serious jail break here when Deputy Sheriff W. F. Crawford discovered a bar a foot long had been sawed from the run-around of the county jail. The deputy was arranging the morning meal for the prisoners at the time.

April 25 - Instead of going fishing, we think we will go down to Old Indianola today or sometime soon and go "hunting." Elmer Rader of Port Lavaca last Sunday found a rare old penny valued at $35. It was found on the beach at the old seaport. It was dated 1842 and was in excellent condition.

April 27 - The Advocate force is greatly indebted to F.N. Fossati for a tub of ice cold beer and a large supply of "ham on rye" received this afternoon. It was a welcome treat, to say the least. Mr. and Mrs. Fossati are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

April 29 - Vincent S. Fritz was presented with a silver loving cup last night in observance of the 25th anniversary of his service as chief of the Fire Department. Rev. J.C. Felger, chaplain of the department and also of the Texas State Fireman's Association, was presented with a radio set for his car.


April 25 - Two Nazareth Academy seniors who have already chosen careers dedicated to serving others were announce Monday as valedictorian and salutatorian for graduation exercises scheduled for May 26 at St. Mary's Hall. They are Miss Paula Pribyl, 17, whose scholastic average of 96.34 brought her the top honor as valedictorian, and Miss Nancy Kouba, also 17, who was less than one point behind with a 95.40 average. Both have attended the Catholic school for its entire 12-year course.

April 28 - Members of the Victoria College tennis team will leave Thursday for Stephenville and the Pioneer Conference tournament are Brenda Meisner, Pat Forman, Gaynelle Shanks, Darlene Svoboda, Rodney Owen, Gibbs Yarbrough, David Peyton, Tinker Davidson and Holmes Weems. Coach is Marshall McCleary.

April 30 - With the theme of "Texas in Review," Gross Elementary School's annual May Day pageant will have rangeland royalty for a switch. King James Oneal Grant and Queen Olivia Diana Johnson, both first graders in Mrs. C. L. Bennett's room, will reign when the festivities begin Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the gymnasium.


April 24 - Five concerts, ranging from songs of tribute to Gershwin and Rimsky-Korsakov, are planned for patrons of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra during the 13th annual opening next fall.

April 27 - Construction of the new JC Penney Co. department store as an addition to Victoria Mall is expected to begin soon. The project will take more than a year to complete. The Penny's store is expected to move from its current location at Town Plaza Mall in mid-1987.

April 29 - A Victoria woman rescued her 4-month-old son from a crib in the burning upstairs of her apartment at 1011 S. Cameron St. Monday morning after instructing her 5-year-old son to evacuate. Escaping injury in the fire at the city of Victoria housing authority's Anna Blackley complex were Cynthia Harvell, 26; and her sons, Mitchell, the infant, and Donnie. The fire apparently started from a short in the fan.



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