Guest Column: Those four little words

Aug. 5, 2011 at 3:05 a.m.

Martin Harras

Martin Harras

By Martin HarrasLet's consider four little words. Not the three little words of an old song, but words that are far more important.

"I love you, too" are the words we're speaking of. Words that you've overheard a fellow worker saying on the phone to his wife, or child, or mother. A teenager saying them ... to a boyfriend or girlfriend ... a parent? You've said them dozens of times yourself, on the phone, or maybe in person.

"I love you, too" tells us two things. First, somebody loves you. How fortunate you are?

Secondly, you love them, as well. A perfect relationship.

You'd probably do anything for someone who loves you and whom you love, too: run an errand, carry a heavy load, comfort them, give them money, even sacrifice for them because after all, you care about each other.

Have you told God, "I love you, too? He has told you He loves you. He sent Jesus to bring you salvation, an unmatchable sign of love.

Take the time to tell God you love Him. Tell Him by your attendance at church, by the stewardship of your time, talents and finances. Tell Him by showing love, patience and tolerance to others. Tell Him by following the Great Commission, which is so important to him: spreading the good news to all who do not know Him.

Do these things. Do them everyday, day-in and day-out. You'll find peace, satisfaction and true happiness in being as Christian as you can. And some day, maybe God will tell you, "Well done, my child." What a day that would be.

Martin Harras serves as evangelism chairman for First Christian Church in Victoria.



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