Ask Chuck: Colors and waves for men and women

Aug. 11, 2011 at 3:11 a.m.

By Charles Colson

My hair is completely white and I am in my 60s. Is there a possibility of reconstructing a new look for me and wash the gray away?

Yes. All it takes is courage, trust and positive thinking. This reminds me of a client, from years back, who always looked great in the colors of brown and beige. So I designed a perfect color solution for her.

One day we would dye her hair chestnut brown and the next morning frost or streak it with champagne beige tones. The fashionable colors gave her sophistication and matched her blossoming personality.

I have had my hair colored so many different shades, I now see three distinct colors throughout my hair. Is there still hope to blend all these shades together?

Most definitely. This occurs usually when you have gone from darker shades to lighter ones. Simply choose a favorite solid color that goes with your complexion. A darker shade is preferable so the colors will blend together evenly. Strand test the hair every 10 minutes and remove when shade is desirable. In this situation, it doesn't require the full expected time to process. Remember that hair colors take on a more natural look even a week later. So keep that thought in mind for special occasions. Later, if you want a lighter color, simply use a stronger volume peroxide when mixing the formula.

My husband always compliments my hair because of its natural sun streaked look. His hair would look perfectly natural like mine if I could convince him that it is not just for women. Can you help me?

Usually when a guy offers such compliments, he's thinking of it for himself also. Choosing the right blonde shade to blend with his hair can be very becoming and masculine. It can be color treated to appear as if he had been in the sun all summer. Most of the time, it only requires minimum of streaks for men to look natural. And then as he likes it, look out, he'll probably want more added next time.

I am a guy who needs more body to make my hair look thicker. Is there a perm for men to accomplish this in a natural way?

Yes, a loose natural body wave can be possible where only your hairdresser knows for sure. Sometimes a guy can wear more curl than he thinks and stay natural looking. Much of it depends on his personality. Believe me, all this can easily be kept confidential.

Charles Colson is a local hair stylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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