Residents band together against disposal well

Brian Cuaron

Aug. 17, 2011 at 3:17 a.m.

American Disposal Services has postponed its request for a water well permit, an official said Wednesday evening at a town hall meeting organized by residents.

The company received a permit from the Texas Railroad Commission to build a disposal well near Farm-to-Market Road 1685 and Loop 463. The company is now applying for a permit to pump annually about 20 million gallons, or 62 acre feet, from a water well on its site.

The water would be used to clean trucks that carry non-hazardous waste and to mix with injection fluids.

The company told Tim Andruss, general manager for the Victoria County Groundwater Conservation District, that it needed time to complete a hydro-geology report regarding its water well permit application. American Disposal was scheduled to have a public hearing this Friday on its application.

Andruss said there was no re-scheduled date for the company's public hearing.

He addressed about 40 residents gathered at a house on White Fox Avenue. People there opposed the disposal well, which would inject fluids used to pump non-hazardous waste into the ground near city and county residents' water sources.

Residents in the area use private water wells as their sources of water. Some wondered whether the amount of water that the company wants to pump would capture water from their wells.

They were advised by Andruss to submit any concerns to the water district in printed forms.

Residents also can contest the company's water well permit by notifying the water district in writing, Andruss said.

What makes this water well permit unique is the amount of water the company wants to pump on its site. Andruss said the water district has never seen such a request before, according to his knowledge.

He told J.D. Ivey, president of American Disposal Services, that he didn't think the company could make its case for its water well permit without the hydro-geology report.

Residents also passed around phone numbers for people to call if they want to complain, including the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Monica Huddleston, who helped organize the meeting, said many have signed a petition against the company's water well permit application.



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