Conchola snares top score

Aug. 18, 2011 at 3:18 a.m.


Michael Conchola captured the high series of the week with consistent bowling.

His only open frame was in the first frame of the second game on his way to a 700 series. Michael started Rolling Thunder action with a 248 game and then followed with games of 236 and 216 for his total.

Steady James Holbert turned in the second high score with a 257 high game contributing towards a 687 series in the Woodllawn Trio Summer League.

Other scores of note for the men were Tom Crowe (268-668), Sam Chambers (667), Don Marques 247-663), Gary Hatter Jr. (246-663), Adrian Verduzco (255-662), Sal Chavez (246-662), Chris Flores (277-653), Mike Stacy (652), Jon Parrott 246-652), Randy Morris (648), Chris Martinak (249), and J.P Reyna with a tremendous 280 individual game.

Samantha Wharton rolled the only 600 for the women this week while competing in Rolling Thunder competition.

Wharton rolled high games of 228 and 214 to help towards a 600 set.

Lori Heil with a 215 game and 558 total was the second high for the ladies.

With the fall season fast approaching, both bowling houses have openings available in their league schedules. Contact the Century Lanes at 361-576-1166 or pick up a fall league schedule if you want to join a league.

The Over The Hill senior league will meet next Monday afternoon at 1 p.m. for free bowling at Century Lanes. If you are interested in joining a senior league, show up at the lanes and join the other seniors.

You can also contact the Woodlawn at 361-582-0921 or Robert Pfeil at 361-550-8917 for information on their league schedule.

Bowling is one of the few sports where the whole family can participate regardless of age.

A youth league is also available at the Century Lanes. Participation in a local youth league gives young bowlers an opportunity to win scholarship money to further their education after high school.

WOODLAWN TRIO SUMMER 1ST ALLEY CATS Men: J. Holbert 257-687; ROLLING THUNDER 1ST THREE RIGHTS & A WRONG Women: S. Wharton 228-600; L. Heil 215-558; Men: M. Conchola 249-701; T. Crowe 268-668; S. Chambers 230-667; D. Marques 247-663; G. Hatter Jr. 246-663; A. Verduzco 255-662; S. Chavez 246-662; C. Flores 277-653; M. Stacy 235-652; J. Parrott 246-652; R. Morris 236-648; S. Dickinson 237-643; K. Blake 235-638; T.J. Mooney 239-624; J. Rodriguez 235-617; L. Helms 227-612; K. Schupbach 232-605; M. Osterson 605; T. Bennett 602; D. Matthews 598; J.P. Reyna 280-592; B. Jackson 590; R. Brotze 586; J. Bryant 582; B. Luerssen 579; R. Gonzales 573; S. Snow 573; C. Kurtz 565; D. Harborth 565; B. Marques 564; B. Alex 557; C. Davis 554; S. Gritta 550. C. Martinka 249; FUNTAPPERS (NO TAP) Women: C. Speer 254-674; C. Danesi 263-623; Men: J. Tweedle 277-276-276-829; T.J. Mooney 278-784; R. Kalmus 778; M. Conchola 767; E. Gonzales 759; S. Dickinson 288-747; J. Weber 300-745; D. Mergele 300-739; K. Weinheimer 264-708; C. Aiken 706; B. Luerssen 705; R. Estrada 277-700;

SUMMER YOUTH 1ST TEAM #2 Girls: R. Wortham 179-471; A. Moore 142-419; Boys: J. Wharton 136-361.



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