Oceans for emotions: Dancing with the waves

Aug. 19, 2011 at 3:19 a.m.

By Elaine Wheat

"My peace I leave with you. My peace give I unto you."

- John 14:27

I am pretty good at performing the dance of the "Surf Shuffle." The waves were pretty big, but I had practiced the "Surf Shuffle" for years, and it all came back to me without even having to think about it. I love to teach, so let me teach it to you.

The waves roll rhythmically, and once you find that day's rhythm, you start to swing to its ragtime count. Here is how it goes: You see the wave curling toward you and do a graceful half turn to your side so the wave doesn't hit you flat in your chest and face but rolls around you on each side. Taking two steps backwards, you and your wave partner dance together, and as it's crest passes, you take two steps forward and await your next wave partner. Soon, you will know the ragtime that the next wave plays, and you do your dance again. Turn sideways, two steps backward, two steps forward and wait for an invitation as the next wave rock 'n' rolls towards you.

After this hip hop had gone on for a couple of hours, I realized the waves were reaching a new crescendo and a higher tempo, and this old lady realized that she had better "Save the Last Dance" and give it up for another day. Elaine Wheat was beginning to feel like cream of wheat as I drug myself out and poured myself on the shore.

I learned something from myself. All those waves that were going crazy out there were also losing their strength and slipping softly up beside me before they returned to where they once were.

Dear Lord: Thank you for this picture of perfect peace. Sometimes, we have to stop performing before we find it.



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