Hatter Jr. ends league with top series

Aug. 25, 2011 at 3:25 a.m.


Gary Hatter Jr. smoked the pins on the last week of Rolling Thunder play to garner the high set for the week.

Gary was consistent with games of 257, 236, and 247 to post a 740 total and outdistance his league rivals.

Mike Osterson and Mike Stacy were also very competitive on the last night with scores of 268-725 and 279-709, respectively.

Other great scores for the men were Eddie Gonzales (258-676), T.J. Mooney (256-667), Steve Dickinson (246-656), Chris Flores (652), Bobby Marques (259), Ramsey Martinez (258), David Dye (258), J.P. Reyna (257), David Dye (257), Rene Silgero (256), Randy Morris (255), and Adrian Verduzco (255).

Joanna Sanders was high for the women with a very good 238 high game contributing towards a 608 series in Rolling Thunder competition.

Delores Stroud started the fall season with a nice score as she rolled a 213 high game on her way to a 605 total in Monday Night Mixed action.

Other nice scores for the ladies were Nicole Mergele (224-598), Cynthia Iracheta (240), and Lori Heil (229).

Former Victorian Karen Stroud Boyd and Clara Guerrero, from Austin, finished in 16th place in the doubles event during the Women's USBC Championship held in Syracuse, N.Y. recently. They combined for a score of 1,417 with Karen posting a nice 703 scratch score. They both also cashed in all events.

A reminder that the deadline for the 2012 Women's USBC Championship (Reno) and the USBC Open (Baton Rogue) will close on Dec. 15.

There is a correction on last week's high series winner Michael Conchola's total. Mike bowled a 249 high game and 701 series instead of the 248 game and 700 series as reported. Sorry, Michael.

The Over The Hill League senior league will start it's season next Monday at 1 p.m. at Century Lanes.

Woodlawn Trio Summer League Champions, Alley Cats with members Fernando Saldana, Brandon Belke, and James Holbert. Men: J. Holbert 231-635; R. Pfeil 578; R. Gonzales 545; B. Belkke 531; Rolling Thunder League Champions, Three Rights & a Wrong with members Samantha Wharton, Ramon Verduzco, Richard Brotze, and Mike Stacy. Women: J. Sanders 238-608; N. Mergele 224-598; C. Iracheta 240-590; L. Heil 214-560; S. Wharton 545; Men: G. Hatter Jr. 257-740; M. Osterson 268-725; M. Stacy 279-709; E. Gonzales 258-676; T.J. Mooney 256-667; S. Dickinson 246-656; C. Flores 243-652; A. Verduzco 255-645; J.P. Reyna 257-638; D. Matthews 234-636; S. Zeplin 225-630; R. Martinez 258-628; B. Marques 259-620; J. Parrott 617; K. Blake 246-615; K. Schupbach 609; D. Harborth 606; R. Brotze 225-600; J. Hernandez Sr. 225-595; S. Chavez 595; C. Kurtz 594; D. Brigham 225-586; T. Crowe 228-586; J. Jimenez 582; J. Rodriguez 581; R. Verduzco 571; L. Helms 225-568; J. Bryant 565; R. Morris 255-556; T. Tanner 556; P. Popp 227; Turkey Trotters 1st (tie) Spare Me and Alley Cats Women: C. Kahlich 438; E. Peterson 438; Summer Sunday Strikers 1st Nacho Libre Women: R. Bellanger 512; M. Gonzales 510; Men: G. Hatter Jr. 226-640/561; H. Cox 234-631/227-572; R. Silgero 256-628/232; E. Smith 575; B. Breaux 231-561; S. Tilley 558; M. Osterson 555; Monday Night Mixed Women: D. Stroud 213-605; L. Heil 229-580; J. Sanders 547; Men: S. Kocian 629; S. Dickinson 229-625; E. Gonzales 240-623; K. Bryan 232-610; D. dye 258-607; M. Redding 567; C. Flores 561; R. Bassano 561; B. Kitchens 236; Funtappers 1st Bochia Women: C. Speer 246-698; J. Flores 277-688; T. Pucciarello 265-660; Men: K. Weinheimer 300-831; T.J. Mooney 300-800; D. Mergele 263-769; M. Conchola 266-765; S. Dickinson 764; B. Fissler 276-761; E. Stevens Sr. 300-743; R. Kalmus 278-733; E. Gonzales 264-718.



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