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Fire burns 3 structures in rural Victoria County

By Brian M. Cuaron - BCUARON@VICAD.COM
Aug. 26, 2011 at 3:26 a.m.

The fire destroyed a mobile home and garage. The house to the right of the trailer was charred on the inside.

A mobile home and garage burned to the ground, while a car shop was charred on the 400 block of Blake Street near U.S. Highway 77.

"When you got three structures that catch on fire, that's a lot of fire," said Victoria County Fire Marshal Ron Pray.

Nobody was injured in the fires, Pray said. The mobile home and garage were vacant and now owned by two daughters who inherited it from their mother.

One of the women's father-in-law had just mowed the lawn when he put the still-hot lawn mower inside the garage. It then caught fire and spread.

Brenda Kenworthy said she heard an explosion sometime between 12:30 and 12:45 p.m. The house she was in was next to the car shop.

"It was just pouring out of the roof of that house right here," said Kenworthy, describing the fire.

Kenworthy said she heard more explosions after going outside.

Pray said those sounds probably came from inflated tires, spray paint cans, as well as propane cylinders in the garage.

She called 911 twice, Kenworthy said, but that it took about 20 minutes for the firefighters to start extinguishing the fire. Kenworthy got an oxygen tank ready for her boyfriend's grandmother, who she helps care for.

Pray said firefighters started taking out the fire as soon as they arrived. Volunteer fire departments from Quail Creek, Nursery and Mission Valley, as well as the Victoria County Fire Department and the city's fire department fought the fire.

Nearby residents watched the fire from their properties. Some even took out their water hoses to dampen their property's vegetation in case the fire reached them.

One man from a nearby area came to the house that Kenworthy was inside.

"I told them to get Grandma ready just in case," Danny Kalka said.



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