Callers talk about sacrifice, other topics

Aug. 31, 2011 at 3:31 a.m.

I just saw on the world news tonight that a superintendent out in California cut his own salary from $290,000 plus benefits a year to $31,000 and no benefits per year to help his school out. Wouldn't it be nice if Bob Moore and his high-paid assistant superintendents would do the same?

Gay, Victoria

I am a Dallas Cowboy fan, and I love the Cowboys. But come on now, if Jason Garret means business, Tony Romo will have to go just like Marian Barber and the other veteran players Garret has already cut. Just think of all that have come and gone, and Romo is still there playing.

Randy, Port Lavaca

I sure hope Rick Perry is going to be at the Flip Flop Festival on Saturday in Port Lavaca. Nobody can flip flop better than Perry. Hey, I am a Republican, but I would never ever vote for him for anything but king of the Flip Flop Festival.

Joseph, Victoria

Seriously, VISD giving kids write-ups and sending them to ISS for not being in dress code? I think that they need to reevaluate that policy, especially for the kids that are in special education classes that don't really understand what dress code and ISS is. It just upsets them. Really, we need to spend more time teaching our kids and using our time wisely in school.

Kim, Victoria

I believe the commissioners and the elected officials should not give themselves raises because the small person doesn't get a raise.

The only thing is our taxes and our evaluations and our bills go up.

I think that it is ridiculous for them to take the incentive to give themselves a raise; as far as the workers, that's fine with me.

Kay, Bloomington

Does anybody know who pays for the governor's haircuts? It sure is purdy and one heck of a dye job, Ricky.

Jefro, Cuero



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