Oceans For Emotions: The perfect gift

Dec. 9, 2011 at 6:09 a.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

By Elaine Wheat

" ... freely ye have received, freely give."

- Matthew 10:8

When Christmas season comes, it is as easy to look back through the rear view mirror of my mind as it is to look forward to tomorrow because of all the tinsel, tunes and trees that seemingly get in the way of seeing anything but work. I think I could stay in a bad mood until the day after Christmas when I can finally look back and realize it was all fun after all.

I decided it was finally time to do my Christmas shopping. I made my list, checked it twice and realized it did not matter to me if they were naughty or nice, I would lovingly buy for each one of my friends and family. I went to my favorite fishing store, Academy Sporting Goods, where I would do all of my shopping.

I wanted to find something that was one size fits all, would show no favoritism between friends and was always something people needed. I had just read a fishing article about what a guide used on his last trip out, and that made my choices easier ... I bought lures.

I bought handfuls of a variety of lures: gold spoons, top water lures, bottom worms and spec rigs.

That meant I also had to buy each of my friends and family several weighted gig heads with various weights, a few corks, and some treble hooks, round hooks and straight hooks to fulfill their fishing fantasies.

You may wonder what I gave my friends who don't fish. I realized that I don't have any friends or family who don't fish.

So, all of my shopping was done in 30 minutes, and my friends and family could take that lying plastic bait and be proud of themselves for fooling fish.

Me, I stick with live bait, cut mullet and D.O.A. shrimp to use the day after Christmas.

Dear Lord: Thank you for the various feelings and emotions that we have leading up to Christmas. Our tiny efforts are nothing compared to what you gave ... Your only begotten Son. May we give and receive because you did. "Joy to the World."



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