Find the perfect Christmas gift for healthy living

Dec. 11, 2011 at 6:11 a.m.

Looking for the perfect gift for someone?

Consider these great items for anyone who wants to feel better and is ready to make a commitment to changing their life in 2012.

Gym membership

Buying a gym membership for someone can help them jump start their routine.

For some, the classes give them the variety and encouragement that they can't get anywhere else.

Others like the vast array of equipment available to them in a gym setting.

They also benefit from the expertise of the trainers and staff.

Exercise videos

While some flourish in a gym, others prefer the comfort of their own home. Videos can provide expertise and new ideas for training.

There are literally thousands of videos out there. You can try everything from mixed martial arts to belly dancing to bootcamp without being self conscious that others are watching you.

Download music

Give the gift of music to inspire and pump up the energy as your favorite workout enthusiast reaches for new goals.


Writing down goals helps people to focus and prepare a plan that will enable them to reach those goals.

Journaling about individual workouts can help keep you inspired as you look back at all that has already been accomplished.

Keeping a food journal can assist in discovering patterns and habits that are sabotaging weight loss efforts.

Cardio equipment

If space is available, a cardio machine such as a treadmill, elliptical, bike, rowing machine or stepper can make a great gift. Having equipment takes away one more excuse about why you can't get in that 30-minute workout everyday.


Like videos, there are thousands of how to books out there that can help you get started learning a new skill.

They can teach you new and challenging variations on your strength training regimen or inspire you to spice up your running routine with agility drills or learn something completely new.

Workout clothes

Look for clothes that have wicking properties to keep the fitness enthusiast comfortable and looking great.

If you are considering shoes, choose ones that are designed for the specific activity. There is a difference in how shoes are made for various workouts.

Water bottles

These make great stocking stuffers. Not only are they cool looking, they help remind your exercising pal to stay hydrated.

Phone apps

There are some great ones out there. Everything from exercise logs to mapping running routes to help making healthy food choices.

Personal Trainer

Whether someone is just starting out or has been an avid exerciser, a few sessions with a trainer can offer the motivation and fresh perspective we all need from time to time.

Heart Rate Monitor

These gadgets are fun and can give you useful info that helps track your workouts and makes sure your are working out to the maximum every time.

Melissa Bagnall is certified personal trainer with a Bachelor's degree from Texas A&M University in physical education and the owner of Fitness Solutions. You can contact her at



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