2011 UIL elementary school district winners announced

Dec. 17, 2011 at 6:17 a.m.

Victoria elementary students participated in the 2011 Elementary UIL Meet on Dec. 3 at West High School

More than 600 students competed in 10 categories.

Academic competitions such as these help keep students motivated to do well and gives them an opportunity to be recognized for their hard work, Mary Noble, assistant principal at O'Connor Elementary School, said in a news release.

Top placers were


Fourth Grade: 1. Jazmine Estrada, Torres Elementary; 2. Alyssa Villarreal, Smith Elementary; 3. Zory Bednorz, Torres Elementary; 4. Lyna Ong, Torres Elementary

Fifth: 1. Sarah Fikac, Torres Elementary; 2. J'Riaha Moore, Torres Elementary; 3. Kaylee Brewer, Torres Elementary; 4. Ariana Cantu, O'Connor Elementary.

Dictionary Skills

Fifth: 1. Alexis Rosenberger, Rowland Elementary; 2. Kaleb Hammond, Smith Elementary; 3. Angelo Perea, DeLeon Elementary; 4. Payton Wyatt, Rowland Elementary

Number Sense

Fourth: 1. Joshua Arunt, Dudley Elementary; 2. Abigail Jones, Rowland Elementary; 3. Brooke Finley, Schorlemmer Elementary; 4. Haleigh Lidiak, Schorlemmer Elementary.

Fifth: 1. Charis Wirtley, Dudley Elementary; 2. William Conway, Dudley Elementary; 3. Marco Dileo, Dudley Elementary; 4. Kevion Terrell, Rowland.


Fifth: 1. Daniel Rico, Smith; 2. Abigail Jones, Rowland; 3. Brooke Finley, Schorlemmer; 4. Haleigh Lidiak, Schorlemmer

Oral Reading

Group One


1. Rahni Hingoranee, Aloe; 2. Haley Carroll, Mission Valley; 3. Allison Vasquez, DeLeon; 4. Teagan Wertman, Schorlemmer.


1. Tate Weston, Dudley Elementary; 2. Consuelo Leos, Crain; 3. Leslie Hartman, DeLeon; 4. Alyssa Flores, Rowland.

Oral Reading

Group two

Fourth: 1. Kyleigh Nethery, DeLeon; 2. Logan Johnson, Aloe; 3. Gabby Gonzales, Vickers; 4. Ean Delgado, F.W. Gross.


1. Brooklyn Parsons, Vickers; 2. Carly Oracion, Schorlemmer; 3. Aubree Gomez, Shields; 4. Lauren Craft, DeLeon.

Oral Reading

Group three

Fourth: 1. Allison Rivera, Chandler; 2. Brittany Usoff, Vickers; 3. Alyssa Garcia, Smith; 4. Madison Calvez, DeLeon.

Fifth: 1. Brandon Salles, O'Connor; 2. Emily Duke, Vickers; 3. Jennifer Anderson, DeLeon; 4. Nuesha Hajavandi; Mission Valley.

Social Studies

Fifth: 1. Ryan Leos, DeLeon; 2. Dylan Kasper, DeLeon; 2. Alycia Olvera, Shields.


Third: 1. Brianna Sturm, Mission Valley; 2. Gita Mehan, Dudley Elementary; 3. Austin Pallan, O'Connor; 4. Devin Hicks, Rowland.

Fourth: 1. Peyton Quimby, Vickers; 2. Karishma Ganhdi, Vickers; 3. Bea Emiguel, DeLeon; 4. Elizabeth Pena, Aloe.

Fifth: 1. Theresa Emiguel, DeLeon; 2. Nicole Harp, DeLeon; 3. Korbyn Jones, Guadalupe; 4. Olivia Saenz, Smith.


Group one

Second: 1. Alana Mascarro, Dudley Elementary; 2. Christal Martinez, Crain; 3. Darren Brookes, F.W. Gross;

4. Ava Balderrama, Rowland.

Third: 1. Isabella Martinez, DeLeon; 2. Martin Valdez, Shields; 3. LeAunna Dean, Smith; 4. Alexandra Tobora, O'Connor.

Group two

Second: 1. Soulel Faire, Chandler; 2. Emma Scarborough, Dudley; 3. Hannah Tyler, Torres; 4. Lauren Barryhill, Schorlemmer.

Third: 1. Lily Leos, Gaudalupe; 2. Mackenzie Aguilar, DeLeon; 3. Romn Carrillo, Vickers; 4. Tristan Raab, Chandler

Group three

Second: 1. A.J. Arroyo, Rowland; 2. Paige Law, Aloe; 3. Raymond McCormick, Dudley; 4. Telsa Tordt, Smith.

Third: 1. Emily Cude, Aloe; 2. Audrey Cook, Chandler; 3. Joshua Cardona Hale, Schorlemmer; 4. Alaina Buske, O'Connor.

Creative Writing

Second: 1. Kara Immekus, Vickers; 2. Katelyn John, Aloe; 3. Isabella Rosales, Smith; 4. Dylana Youngblood, Torres.

Ready Writing

Third: 1. Emma Pratka, Vickers; 2. Rebecca Maldondo, Crain; 3. Rachel Goodwin, Vickers; 4. Andrea Ruby, Smith.

Fourth: 1. Joel Hinojosa, O'Connor; 2. Emerald Trevino, Smith; 3. Lizzy Adams, Mission Valley; 4. Bijou Danant, Dudley Elementary.

Fifth: 1. Mallory Hewitt, DeLeon; 2. Michea Bell, Rowland; 3. Mason Trevino, Vickers; 4. Emma Friar, Smith.



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