Victoria Advocate Teacher of the Week: Bobbi Moran

Dec. 17, 2011 at 6:17 a.m.

Bobbi Moran

Bobbi Moran

Name: Bobbi Moran

School: Chandler Elementary

Bobbi Moran has been Lindsey's teacher for the past two years. Ms. Bobbi motivates Lindsey to do what others take for granted. Lindsey agrees to go to bed because she knows she will see Ms. Bobbi the next day. Lindsey willingly walks to her classroom in the mornings because Ms. Bobbi escorts her. Lindsey interacts with her peers thanks to Ms. Bobbi's efforts. Most importantly, I know Ms. Bobbi loves my daughter. You see, Lindsey has autism and is mostly nonverbal. Despite the many obstacles, the immense amount of repetition, or the constant testing of patience, Ms. Bobbi ensures that Lindsey experiences success in whatever objective is at hand. Not only does Ms. Bobbi have the knowledge necessary to teach, she also has the genuine love and compassion needed to embrace students like Lindsey. In the Garcia household, Ms. Bobbi will always merit the recognition of top teacher.

Nominated by: Alicia Garcia



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