Years ago for Sunday, Dec 25, 2011

Dec. 22, 2011 at 6:22 a.m.


Dec. 27 - John J. Welder and R.H. Welder are the owners of two beautiful new Stoddard-Dayton automobiles, which were purchased through the Texas Motor Car and Supply Co. The former is a six-passenger touring car and the latter is a roadster, both being equipped with 58 H.P. engines. They cost $3,500 and $3,300 respectively.

Dec. 29 - The Sunset announces an excursion rate of $2.65 from Victoria to Galveston tomorrow, the rate to apply on either of the two trains leaving here daily for Houston. The excursion is given on account of the visit of the Battleship Florida and Utah to Galveston.

Dec. 31 - Farming with dynamite is becoming popular in South Texas. The stockmen seem to be getting right in the lead in introducing it down here. The Edna Herald mentions a demonstration on the Houston Ranch when big trees were uprooted, stumps pulled and ditches dug by this great agency, which is destined to convert forest lands and rocky knolls into fertile acres in a jiffy. The great advantage of dynamite is that it breaks the land so deep that it absorbs the rainfall, where it lies in wait for the seed in the spring.


Dec. 26 - "Daphne, Queen of Fan Dancers" will visit Victoria on the evening of Friday, Jan. 1, accompanied by her entourage of more than 80 people, traveling on a fleet of 35 huge trucks and busses. The show will be presented one time only at the corner of East Forrest and Depot streets, presented by the popular producer Billy Weble, who will be making his 12th anniversary tour and is reported to be by far the most impressive offering he has ever placed on tour.

Dec. 29 - WASHINGTON - Patent office officials reported Monday a patent for a new automobile design embodying an engine in the rear, has been granted to Henry Ford. The engine would be mounted crosswise to the chassis, eliminating the lengthy drive shaft of the conventional type of car.

Dec. 31 - John Reagan, prominent newspaperman of New York City and native Victorian, arrived in Victoria Tuesday and may spend the winter here recuperating from an illness. He is the guest of his sister, Mrs. R.B. Roos.


Dec. 26 - CLASSIFIED: In the past year or so, has anyone found a platinum wedding band, orange blossom design all around. Inside engraved "Willie to Jack." Dial...

CLASSIFIED: Three-room furnished apartment, newly decorated. Private bath, entrance and garage. $50 per month. Bills paid. Prefer couple.

CLASSIFIED: Make it a Merry Christmas. On two and a half acres, a nice two-bedroom home, hobby shop, storage room, electric range goes with sale. Only $7,500.

Dec. 30 - PORT LAVACA - A meeting to work out plans for use of the old causeway for fishing pier purposes, and possibilities for financing the reconstruction, was held here Friday. A new causeway is to be constructed, replacing the one heavily damaged by Hurricane Carla in September.

Sid Drew happily anticipating a population explosion at the City Zoo, with Chubby the lioness expecting up to six cubs early in January and Bertha the bear due for either one or two offspring later the same month.

Dec. 31 - Six well-known leaders from the fields of business, banking, engineering, education and religion were announced Saturday as having been elected to three-year terms as directors of Victoria Chamber of Commerce. They are Henry Hauschild Jr., Bill Klotz, Robert B. Martin, J.D. Moore, G.C. Pittman and the Rev. Edwin Spahn.


Dec. 27 - The southern tip of Matagorda Island - an 11,502-acre tract known as the Wynne Ranch - will be purchased by Texas Nature Conservancy. William Blair, president of the San Antonio-based Nature Conservancy, announced the acquisition, adding that ownership of the tract will be transferred to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The U.S. Department of the Interior, which operates the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, will pay an estimated $13 million for the land in the transfer over the next three years. Blair said the southern tip of Matagorda Island is one of the most important natural wetlands in the U.S, providing wintering habitat for a substantial portion of the world's primary flock of endangered whooping cranes.

Dec. 28 - A new feature of the annual professional rodeo to be held at 7:30 p.m. Thursday-Saturday at the Victoria Community Center is a roman rider. Vickie Tyer, who will perform nightly at the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association sanctioned rodeo, will stand atop two paint horses that will work side by side. Ms. Tyer's unique occupation stems from a childhood dream.

"I first saw trick riding and roman riding as a small child when I attended the local rodeos. I was fascinated by it and made it my goal in life," she said. Now entering her 12th year of rodeo performing, Ms. Tyer stars in her new act: Vickie Tyer and Her Roman Ride Supreme. Roman riding is a style of riding taken from the ancient Romans. While Ms. Tyer stands atop her two horses, they will go through maneuvers such as figure eights.

Dec. 30 - An end-of-year buying wave has hit local car dealers, due to a change in claiming state sales tax as a deduction on federal income tax forms for 1987. Several local dealers note a definite response, as Victoria residents are buying cars now so the 5 percent state sales tax can be deducted on this year's income tax forms.

"We have seen a definite surge in floor traffic," said Brad Carver, sales manager of Killebrew, Inc. "People have definitely been brought into the marketplace." Carver said that Killebrew is "looking forward to a strong final week," due to the interest sparked by the change in the income tax laws, factory buying assistance programs and promotions.



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