Oceans For Emotions: Anyone who runs around in circles will quickly meet his end

By Elaine Wheat"In all Thy ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct Thy paths."
Dec. 23, 2011 at 6:23 a.m.

- Proverbs 3:6

I love fishing at the coast during Christmas break. There are no people there because everyone, except those who have finished their Christmas preparations and those that don't do any Christmas preparations, are the only ones there. Except those few of us who are halfway finished and just give it up and go fishing.

Three of us guilty of being half-finished went to Coloma Creek, which is where a back bay empties into Powderhorn Lake, which empties into Matagorda Bay depending on whether the tide is coming or going.

The tide had just started coming in, but the fishermen hadn't, so we had all of the south side free to us to fish. The other two spread out about 10 yards apart, threw out with corks, sinkers, hooks and shrimp, then staked their poles in rod holders and sat in their lawn chairs.

No, no. Not me. I would stand poised on the edge of the water holding my fishing equipment with rigid, cold hands and proudly show them how fishermen really fish. As predicted, the redfish started in and they had each caught two keepers and several throw backs on their staked poles, and I hadn't even had a bite.

The one on the far end yelled down to me and asked how many fish I had caught. I had to yell 20 yards back not any yet. The one in the middle tried not to be bossy for fear of her life and asked me what I was doing differently than they were. I replied, "Y'all are not fishing, your rod-holders are," and I sang them part of a show tune, "I did it my way."

A few of their catches later and my non-catches later, I realized I was just being stupid. I stomped back through the salt grass, climbed over the fence that is supported by the no fishing sign, and went back to my fishing van to get me a rod-holder. I noticed I had another rod-holder, and rod and reel in there, too. So, if I was going to catch up, I would have to fish with two instead of one.

Right after I threw out, I put both rods and reels in their stakeholders and all kinds of fish started running through there. And we three fishermen started grabbing any rod and reel that was bowing it's head down toward the water, pulling out the fish and keeping the keepers. We all started running back and forth the 40 yard dash grabbing poles, grabbing fish and grabbing stringers. Chairs and people kept getting knocked out of the way as we raced through, around, and sometimes over one another.

Finally, we had our limit and we got tired. So, we got back to the van and just sank into our lawn chairs. One of the fishermen said, "I haven't been this tired since I went shopping for Christmas on Black Friday."

The other one said, "We still have to wrap those presents."

And now, we also have to clean and freeze these fish.

It was then I formulated my Christmas philosophy ...

"Anyone who runs around in circles will quickly meet his end."

Dear Lord, I wrote You a poem for Christmas: "We really rush around for naught, this fact we can't deny; For all the time we save in life is wasted when we die." Help us to learn to slow down and enjoy this Christmas season and find Your peace on earth.



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