Ask Chuck: all about hair streaks

Dec. 29, 2011 at 6:29 a.m.


I have been to several hairdressers and have never been happy with the outcome of my hair color. I just wanted natural streaks, but the streaks were always too light or too much. I do not like the results of foiling or using the frosting cap methods. Surely there must be something easier than this. Right?

Your question is very wise and is asked several times from people who never seem to achieve that natural look. Sometimes the frosting caps and foiling cause colors to run throughout the hair unnecessarily and have too much of a set look. Likewise, they become quite expensive, especially if later it calls for repair work.

Would you believe there is a simple method called hair painting that has been quite popular since Farah Fosset? Many have always wanted that natural, out-in-the-sun look.

This method is done without caps or foiling, and streaks can be placed just where the client chooses. It also takes far less time and damage to the hair. Touch-ups are much easier to take care of and the bleach doesn't have to be placed so close to the scalp. Variations of blonde shades can be possible to match any color of hair.

Hair painting has certainly become a kinder and safer method of creating that natural blonde look that makes many envious and wonder how it compliments you so well.

My hair is mostly gray. Will hair painting complement the gray?

Excellent question. It certainly will. It will give gray hair the perfect natural highlights and even leave it with a sheen. It becomes a natural look because even with virgin colors, you will find there are at least three shades that are evident. So with your gray against your natural color, hair painting will just add the third shade, such as a classy blonde that seems to always complement one's complexion and definitely brightens their future look.

Don't worry about the blonde looking too brassy because most hairdressers know how to bring the color up to a true pale blonde. If by chance you have dyed your hair black, sometimes this presents a problem in lightening the black shade enough. This can require lifting the entire color to a lighter shade before hair painting can be successful.

My hair is extremely short on the sides and lower back, will this hair painting highlighting method still look natural?

Most definitely when highlighting only the front and crown areas. If the cut is zeroed off real short on the sides and nape area, it is best to leave this part a solid shade.

The hair painting method is great if you ever desire to let your own hair color grow out and decide not to color your hair any more. As I have said many times, keep 'em all guessing, and let them wonder how you managed to stay with such a natural look at all times.

One quick question. Is it dumb to ask if a man could look good with hair painting?

Not a dumb question at all. Definitely, yes. This method will not only give him a more natural look but will add body to his hair just like it does for women. Many men are very vain about their hair and like to stay in competition with their same sex. They like to look just as sporty and not talk about it too much ... right guys?

Charles Colson is a local hair stylist and registered massage therapist. You may email hair or massage questions to or call 361-575-5331.



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