Oceans for Emotions: Sometimes, we have to learn things the hard way

Feb. 18, 2011 at midnight
Updated Feb. 17, 2011 at 8:18 p.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

By Elaine Wheat

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto thine own understandings."

- Proverbs 3:5-6

This is the first of I don't know how many articles entitled:


Now, here is something that I just don't understand. Several fishing friends gathered on the beach at about a quarter till dark, found some wood and made a beachwood fire and compared our fishing day. The tides were low, and the lies were high, and the bragging was dragging when someone suggested that we tell each other about out scariest time fishing.

Now, here is what I don't understand. When any one of us told of a really frightening time that let them be "the one who got away," all of us would die laughing, even the teller of the terrible fish tale. Our horror was turned to humor right before our eyes even as the stories grew with each telling. Are we all morbidly sick, have sand in our brains or been left out in the sun too long?

Let me give you the taste of the fish stories, and than you can decide:


An educational supervisor, while wade fishing, stated that she was going farther down to the left, so she could get out past the rocks where she was. All of us who she supervised advised her not to go because there were still rocks there, but they were under the water. She, in her best supervisory voice, said, "If they are under water, than I can step over them." I was too close to retirement to argue, so I just let her go and find out for herself. When she felt the row of rocks, she planted one foot and threw the other leg up and over to the other side where she discovered that the sea was very deep, and she found herself riding a jagged, ragged sea rock like a horse. We, of lesser pay scales, started to run down there to help, but she, more than firmly, said, "No, if I got myself stuck, I should have to get myself unstuck." It wasn't pretty, but she did drag herself from the row of rock, bleeding, but smiling when she bragged, "I knew I could do it." In that moment, I learned more about being an educator than I had ever learned in college. (LOL)

Dear Lord, "When we trust in the Lord with all our hearts," then even our hurts can be helpful, and our scars are left there as reminders.



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