Organizers make last-minute preparations for Victoria Livestock Show


Feb. 21, 2011 at midnight
Updated Feb. 21, 2011 at 8:22 p.m.

The once quiet Victoria Community Center recently picked up steam as carnival rides, animal pens, livestock and more made their way to the 2905 E. North St. grounds.

The Victoria Livestock Show kicks off Thursday morning. And, although planning and preparation have been in the works for months, much of the hustle and bustle comes during the final days before its start.

Much of the work began Sunday, when crews arrived at the community center to set up the pens, said John Pozzi, the show's general superintendent.

On Monday, the steers for the carcass show arrived, he said, and the carcass sheep and hogs both went in Tuesday. The animals go to slaughter before the show even begins because they're judged on their meat.

Organizers set up the dome on Wednesday, Pozzi said, and the final preparation takes place early Thursday.

"At 5 a.m., the hogs come in, and then all the others come in after 8 a.m.," he said. "Then the show is really off and going."

Unlike other categories, the ag mechanics competition doesn't take much set-up, said Patrick Moeller, the event superintendent. Ag mechanics covers projects, such as tractor restorations.

"On Wednesday, I'll go to the Jaycee Hall, set up and wait for people to check in" Moeller said. "That's about it. Judging is Thursday morning."

Karrie Brandt's work, on the other hand, doesn't really begin until after the stock show is over and done with. As rule book supervisor, she said she makes corrections to the books if regulations change or other updates are necessary.

"Usually, there's a typo that no one sees until it's brought up at the show," she said. "And, when we bring in new events, that has to be updated, too. So I go in and make any fixes that I need to afterward."

Despite the last-minute work, Pozzi said he and the other organizers look forward to getting the show under way.

"I just hope we have a real good sale this year," he said. "You never can tell. But it seems business is good, so we're hoping."



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