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Feb. 24, 2011 at midnight
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March 2 - Two officers of a San Antonio financial agency were arrested yesterday upon the complaint of William E. Greenway, a post office inspector, and later released on bond in the sums of $2,000 and $1,000. The charge against them is using the mail to defraud. The agency has been selling stock in the Texas Collins Wireless Telephone & Telegraph Company, which has not yet been organized or incorporated. About $5,000 worth of the stock was disposed of in this city, and the company is now making preparations to establish a station here. In this connection a steel tower is being erected in the rear of the Palace Saloon and room has already been engaged on the second floor of the saloon building for an office.

March 3 - Yesterday, when Joseph O'Connor, stockman of this city, was out for a ride in his Oldsmobile touring car with a party of friends consisting of Howell Austin, Leslie Sterne and Lee Kilgore of San Antonio, one of the rear tires blew out and Mr. O'Connor, who was driving, lost control of the car, causing it to turn turtle. The occupants were thrown violently to the ground, but none was seriously injured. The accident happened in the morning about 11 o'clock two miles from town while the auto was climbing a steep hill on the road to Sutton Mott and traveling at a speed of 25 mph.

March 5 - A.F. Knowlan's buggy horse ran away about 11 o'clock this morning, colliding with James Harrod's residence fence in the northern portion of the city and breaking one of the shafts of the buggy. The driver sustained a sprained ankle.


Feb. 28 - Victoria will have a severe freeze on March 26, if we are to believe the old saying that if it thunders in February it will freeze on the same day of the following month. Thunder claps were distinctly heard night before last, so let's see if the ancient saying holds water.

March 1 - A 47 to 43 victory over the Blinn Memorial College of Brenham gave the Victoria Junior College Pirates the right to enter the finals of the southern junior college tournament in Houston next week.

March 3 - Victoria agriculturists welcomed with open arms the 1.92 inches of rain which fell here all day yesterday. It was the first rainfall here this year.

March 4 - Seventy-five cents in cash and a meal of dog food was the total of "Softfoot Willie's" haul at two well known Victoria homes last night, the Sheriff's Department has announced. Homes entered last night were those of HH. McDowell and J.W. Henderson. The robber got into the ice box at the McDowell home and ate a dish of dog meat. Barefoot prints were found outside the home.


Feb. 28 - Mrs. John Hanselka, local Texas Home Demonstration Association chairman, will attend the District THDA meeting in Goliad on March 14 with the following local delegates: Mrs. Glenn Harreld, Mrs. Bobby Schroeder and Mrs. Herbert Strange.

March 1 - Earl E. Vandiver of the General Services Administration in Muskogee, Okla., Tuesday was named business manager for Victoria's new Federal Building, now in the final phase of construction on South Main Street.

March 2 - Eight local postmen who now walk their routes will soon start delivering mail in small, light, three-wheeled delivery vehicles calls "Mailsters," it was announced Thursday as part of a nationwide innovation by the Post Office Department. "Texas has been allocated 600 'Mailsters,'" Berthelot said Wednesday. Eight have been received here. Six more are due in several months. "Mail will be delivered at about the same time of day as it is now," Berthelot commented. "The carriers will be the same if they can learn to operate the new vehicles. They will also continue covering about the same routes." He concluded.

March 3 - Margaret Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Allen, was recently crowned "Valentine Sweetheart" of Howard Payne High School at Brownwood after reigning as May Queen in 1960.

March 5 - Monday is Victoria Value Day! It's City Wide!


Feb. 27 - Seventy-year-old Bonnie Pennington, who describes herself as fighting mad, is continuing a determined campaign to stop pay-television networks from scrambling their satellite signals. A resident of Crescent Valley since 1969, she started her crusade in September 1985, taking her complaint to U.S. Rep. Mac Sweeny, R-Wharton. She was told by the congressman at the time, to start collecting names on a petition calling for an end to cable scrambling. Since that time, she has gathered 3,000 names and presented them to Sweeny. She noted the fight has spread into the states of Mississippi, Missouri, and New York. She now is planning a late April or early May trip to Washington D.C., and she is determined to personally resent President Ronald Reagan with the petition. En route to Washington D.C., she plans to collect out-of-state signatures.

March 1 - First Victoria National Bank, for a Sesquicentennial project, has made a book through pictures called: "Victoria: A Pictoral History." The book was compiled by Victoria College faculty members Robert W. Shook and Charles D. Spurlin. It recounts the earliest days of the area up changes that occurred following World War II.

March 3 - A blood drive will be conducted by the Golden Crescent Detachment of the Marine Corps League and Marine Corps League Auxiliary. The drive will be held from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday at the South Texas Regional Blood Bank.



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