Auction wraps up 2011 Victoria Livestock Show


Feb. 28, 2011 at 8:03 p.m.
Updated Feb. 27, 2011 at 8:28 p.m.

Tanner Grones holds up a portion of his Grand Champion Carcass Steer at the Victoria Livestock Show Auction Monday evening.

Tanner Grones holds up a portion of his Grand Champion Carcass Steer at the Victoria Livestock Show Auction Monday evening.

Hayden Wuensche will have to re-evaluate his Victoria Livestock Show practices next year, but that's just fine with him. After his second grand champion lamb win in a row, the rules say he must move on to a different animal.

"I'm going goats next year," he said. "We've already decided."

The 9-year-old's grand champion lamb brought in $13,000 - the most out of all the grand and reserve champions - at Monday night's Victoria Livestock Show auction.

He attributed the high price tag to the lamb itself.

"It's just really good," he said of the animal, purchased by the Eagle Ford Group. "It's beautiful."

Isaac Gutierrez's reserve champion lamb sold for $4,000 to Victoria Business Leaders and the money will go toward college and next year's lamb.

The $10,500 Cody Bishop received from Atzenhoffer Chevrolet, First Victoria National Bank and Klean Corp. International for his grand champion steer, Smokey, will go toward college, while Dustin Hempel, whose reserve champion steer sold for $8,750 to The Specialty Group, said he plans to split his money between his college fund and next year's animal.

Dustin said he was particularly proud because his steer, Booldrow, was the first American steer to win at a local show.

Robby Burdge was among the bidders who purchased the grand champion steer, and he said he donates to the cause because it's a way to help local children.

"These kids are young entrepreneurs," he said. "They're great kids with a vision for their future, and they're working hard."

Raul Chapa attended the auction to support his daughter, Tori Chapa, who showed a hog. He also lined up friends and co-workers to bid on her animal.

Chapa said he was glad the stock show and auction were available for area youth.

"It's good for the kids," he said, standing outside the dome. "It shows them that, if they do hard work, it pays off in the end."

Samantha Martin's grand champion hog sold for $6,500 to Victoria Business Friends and, after leaving the auction ring, went running toward its pen. The hog seemed ready to be finished with the auction process, but so was Samantha.

"It's track season, so it's been hard to balance the two," she explained.

Sierra Robles' reserve champion hog went for $5,000 to Gonzales Industrial Insulation, Inc. She said she planned to save up for a car.

Katelyn Gutierrez's grand champion goat sold for $4,000 to Allan's Wrecker Service, while Amy Stasny's reserve champion goat sold for $10,500 to the Eagle Ford Group.

Abigail Schneider said the $3,500 that Atzenhoffer Chevrolet, Klean Corp. International and H-E-B paid for her grand champion broiler will go toward paying her parents back and also for a 12-gauge shotgun for her 4-H project. Nathan Korczynski received $3,500 from The Specialty Group for his reserve champion broiler and said that will go toward college.

He said he was sad to see the show come to an end.

"I enjoy all this stuff," he said. "Next year, hopefully, I'll be going to bigger shows, too, in San Antonio and Houston."

Kyle Lassman's grand champion rabbit sold for $3,500 to Atzenhoffer Chevrolet and MW Rentals, while Mailey Walk's reserve champion rabbit went for the same amount to H-E-B and H-E-B Plus.

Tanner Grones' grand champion carcass steer garnered $9,500 from Atzenhoffer Chevrolet, H-E-B and Klean Corp. International, while Elisabeth High's reserve champion carcass steer brought in $8,000 from Friends of Victoria County Youth, Victoria Oliver, Allan's Wrecker Service and Klean Corp. International.

Cole Payne received $4,500 for his grand champion carcass hog from Victoria Business Leaders and said the auction was exciting. The only drawback, he said was a numb hand he got after holding the carcass meat for the crowd to see.

The $5,000 Victoria Business Friends paid for Adam Konarik's reserve champion carcass hog will mainly go toward next year's animal.

Jason Garza's grand champion carcass lamb brought in $3,000 from Atzenhoffer Chevrolet, Klean Corp. International and Allan's Wrecker Service, while Victoria Business Leaders paid $4,250 for Lauren Klesel's reserve champion carcass lamb.

Lauren said the auction is nerve-wracking, but she tries to keep her mind off of the tension.

"I just talk to my friends until it's time to go out there," she said.



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