Bay City school district receives anonymous letter threatening students

Jan. 3, 2011 at 7:03 p.m.
Updated Jan. 2, 2011 at 7:03 p.m.

The Bay City school district received a handwritten anonymous letter threatening the lives of the superintendent's family members and other students in the district.

The letter writer appeared upset because his child was hurt by students who the child had asked to be quiet earlier in the day.

The letter, addressed to Superintendent Keith Brown, was received on Dec. 28 during the Christmas holiday break.

Students return to school on Tuesday.

"School will go on as scheduled tomorrow, with an increased emphasis on safety and security," according to the district's website.

According to the anonymous letter, the school district has until Tuesday to inform staff of the "rules." Failure to do this will lead to "the random killing of students."

"This threat is being taken seriously and all steps are being taken to make the district as safe as possible, according to a school district letter sent to parents Monday afternoon.

The anonymous letter contained profanity, graphic language and misspelled words. It stated the writer's child was hurt by other kids in school.

"Your lack of student control has hurt my child," according to the letter. The writer claimed to have a terminal illness and only 18 months to live.

"Kids should have a quiet classroom to learn in. That is all my child wanted when my kid told some kids to shut up in class one day. My kid was later hurt by the talkers," the letter read.

The letter writer outlined nine "rules" for the district to follow including no talking unless told to and detention given to students and staff who violate the rules.

The letter was turned over to the Texas Department of Public Safety in Houston for analysis as well as to local law enforcement and the Attorney General's office, according to the letter to parents.

Brown asked that anyone with information about the letter or the writer to contact the school district's Police Chief Leroy Cunningham Jr. at 979-245-1856 or the school district's hotline at 979-429-6219.

Link to Bay City ISD website and letter sent home to parents:Bay City ISD



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