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Jan. 18, 2011 at midnight
Updated Jan. 17, 2011 at 7:18 p.m.

By Joe Janak

Each year questions come in concerning private agricultural applicator pesticide licenses and requirements. So, I am following with the most usual questions and their respective answers.

Do I need a pesticide license?

The Texas Pesticide Law requires that a person may not use a restricted-use or state-limited-use pesticides or regulated herbicides unless licensed or certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Additionally, all applicators must obtain continuing education units to renew their license.

How many pesticide CEUs do I need?

Private applicators need 15 CEUs every five years. Two credits must be in laws and regulations and two credits in integrated pest management. The rest can be in those or any other category. Of the 15 hours, 10 may be earned with an approved Internet or correspondence courses.

By when must I earn the required CEUs?

They must be earned prior to the expiration of the license.

To whom do I mail my certificates?

You keep these in your files and don't mail them in unless requested. The department may audit CEUs during an onsite inspection or by requesting copies of certificates of completion be mailed to the department.

How long do I need to keep certificates of completion?

Certificates of completion must be maintained by the applicator for a period of 12 months after the most recent renewal of their license or certificate.

How long do I keep my pesticide application records?

Agricultural applicators are to keep records of pesticide applications for two years.

If you have had a change of address since you obtained your license, notify TDA so you will receive your renewal notice. If you have any questions about your pesticide license, renewal, need a duplicate license or you have a change of address, contact the TDA Licensing Division at 1-877-542-2474 or e-mail at


Besides the listings below, you can also access TDA's website: and go to "CEU Search" to find additional listings including online trainings.

Texas Gulf Coast Grain Handlers Conference - El Campo, Jan. 20, 5 CEU's

Coastal Bend Crop Symposium - Corpus Christi, Jan. 21, 5.5 CEU's

State Soybean Association Meeting - El Campo, Feb. 3, 3 CEU's

"Keep The City Sparkling" Pesticide Seminar - Corpus Christi, Jan. 20, 2.5 CEU's


The Regional Pecan Show was held Dec. 14-15 in Brenham with 124 entries from the southern part of Texas, one of three regions. Two local pecan growers entered and did very well in the show with their pecans.

Kernell Moritz, grower from the Mission Valley area placed 15 out of 16 entries in the show including seven first place, four second place and four third place entries. Charles Nelson of Inez, place sixth out of eight entries.

Varieties doing excellent for Moritz include: first place - Mohawk, Sioux, Wichita, Brake, Elliot, Maramec, Navaho; second place - Pawnee, Cape Fear, GraCross, Jackson; third place - Caddo, Cheyenne, Choctaw, Schley.

Varieties placing for Nelson include: first place - Shoshoni, Known Hybrid (Creek X Cape Fear); second place - Forkert; and third place - Kanza, Nacono, Keilers. All placing entries now advance to the state pecan show.

Joe Janak is a Victoria County extension agent.



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