College Q&A: New wing at Jaguar Hall gives students access to university's services

Jan. 22, 2011 at midnight
Updated Jan. 21, 2011 at 7:22 p.m.

By Paula Cobler

I drive by the University of Houston-Victoria's Jaguar Hall on my way to work every morning, and I was wondering if more services are being added there for students?

Yes. An academic wing on the west side of the new residence hall for underclassmen opened in time for spring semester classes. The approximately 15,300-square-foot wing provides students with easy access to the university services they use the most so that they can succeed in school.

Services in the new wing include a computer lab open 24 hours a day; two classrooms - which seat 40 and 60 students, respectively; a tutoring center; the Jaguars Athletics Department, UHV Student Services and space for student organizations.

"We want to give our students plenty of opportunities to get involved with campus activities and give them the help they need to obtain a bachelor's degree," said Wayne Beran, UHV vice president for administration and finance.

Four full-time staff members who work in UHV Student Life and Services moved to Room 1135 of the new wing in Jaguar Hall, 2705 Houston Highway. Along with student workers, these staff members are operating Student Solutions, a service that answers students' questions about UHV admissions, financial aid and fee payments. The staff also is planning student activities, developing group programming to aid in student retention, and providing some parent relations.

UHV's new Transit Team program also is based in the academic wing in the Student Services area. Each Transit Team is made up of a leader who is a community resident or a member of UHV's alumni, faculty or staff; an upperclassmen peer leader; and 10 freshmen. Transit Teams get together for fun activities such as going to a movie or restaurant. The purpose of the initiative is to offer support and guidance to the new freshmen to encourage them to stay in school.

The Athletics Department moved from the UHV University Center into Rooms 1119 and 1122 of the new academic wing to be more convenient for athletes to access and to make way for a new nursing lab in the University Center. The move included the offices of Athletics Director Ashley Walyuchow, the athletics support staff, and the baseball, softball, golf and soccer coaches.

The academic wing also has a 20- to 25-seat conference room and an office for Jaguar Hall's director of dining services.

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