Friends master art of snowball fighting at Winter Carnival

Jan. 22, 2011 at 5:02 p.m.
Updated Jan. 21, 2011 at 7:22 p.m.

Hailey Parker, 6, makes a snow angel at the Winter Carnival and Snow Day in Edna on Saturday.

Hailey Parker, 6, makes a snow angel at the Winter Carnival and Snow Day in Edna on Saturday.

EDNA - While dodging the snowballs whizzing around him, Jabe Reynolds positioned himself for a double attack on his grandma.

He enlisted his best friend, Stefan Commerson, and on the count of three, they ambushed her with two hand-packed balls of shaved ice.

"I was having a blast," said his grandma, who would only go by the name Gibee.

No one quite knows what a Gibee is, but that's what Jabe named her. And their adventure at Edna's Winter Carnival and Snow Day on Saturday was all about Jabe, who turns 13 on Sunday.

For him, the combination of snow and combat was the perfect way to spend a birthday.

"I like water a lot. When it rains, it calms me down," the almost-teenager said. "But when it snows, it really gets me in the mood."

Both Jabe and Stefan only remember playing in the snow once before - during the white Christmas of 2004.

But their lack of a blizzard background wasn't evident when they stepped in the snowball fight ring at the Brackenridge Recreation Complex.

Jabe explained their snowball strategy: "He's the fighter, I'm the sculptor."

Stefan put it in layman's terms: "He just makes big chunks and I throw them."

Jabe pulled out a stocking cap and further revealed a secret tactic that helped the duo be more efficient fighters.

"I put the snow inside the hat, form a snowball and I dump it in his hands."

But what about defense?

"The corner of the area is good defense because there's a lot of people, and you can just use them as human shields," Stefan said.

Indeed, the seventh-graders took their snowballing very seriously before stepping out of the crossfire for some pizza and a birthday cookie cake.

In unison and soaking wet, the duo said they "definitely" wished they lived a little farther north so they could experience snow more often.

Her hair still sparkling with leftover ice crystals, Gibee agreed.

"I've already registered for that HGTV home in Vermont about 40 times," the native Texan joked.



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