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Guadalupe Surfers determined to bring back original music


By by aprill brandon
Jan. 31, 2011 at 6:04 p.m.
Updated Feb. 1, 2011 at 8:02 p.m.

The Guadalupe Surfers are Jonathan Chamrad, drums;  Jesse Mejia, bass;  Justin Simek, lead guitar;  Wes "Shaker Magic" Goldsmith, percussion;  Glen Goodner, guitar and vocals; and  Mickey Apostolo, guitar and vocals. The band's sound is a mix of Texas country, rock and some reggae influence.

When the Guadalupe Surfers formed three years ago, they only had two things in mind: to play awesome music and to bring back the original music scene in the area.

"When we first got together, the idea was. we wanted to bring original music back. All you can find out there these days are cover bands," said Glen Goodner, who plays guitar, sings and writes songs for the band. "It's taking off. Original music is making a comeback. For me, if you're a cover band, you might as well be doing karaoke. That's the reason why we stuck hard with originals. We could be booked every weekend, but you just don't get the same thrill as when you see a couple dancing to a song you wrote. It means a lot."

Composed of Goodner, Mickey Apostolo, Jonathan Chamrad, Jesse Mejia, Justin Simek, Wes "Shaker Magic" Goldsmith and James Soderholtz, the band got its name from a song that Apostolo wrote back in 1998 while working along the river.

"Guadalupe surfing is the essence of summer. It means getting on a tube and floating down the river," Goodner said. "When we were talking about a name for the band, that one just kind of stuck. It's original and it stands out."

Original is important to all the band members, Chamrad added. The Surfers have about 30 original songs already with a dozen or so more they are still working on. Their sound is a mix of Texas country, rock and some reggae influence and eventually they plan on heading into a studio to make an album.

But for now, it's all about playing gigs and burning their own bathtub CD's for friends and fans.

"Every time we do a show, it's like a party. We try to get people high from the inside," said Apostolo, who is also a songwriter and singer for the band. "We truly love what we do. On average, every guy in the band drives 50 miles to get to McFaddin where we practice."

The band also takes pride in their roots. Many of their songs are about the area.

"We have a song about Yorktown, Olivia, Port O'Connor," Apostolo added. "This is where these guys grew up. It's what we sing about."

As for trying to make it as an original band in a cover-band town, the Surfers are hoping that their insistence on playing their own music will inspire other local musicians.

"There are a lot of talented musicians around here who write their own stuff but will only play covers when on stage," Chamrad said. "We encourage all musicians to play their originals, and (we) are working on putting a showcase of bands together where they can debut their original music. (We hope) it will inspire them."



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