Advocate editorial board opinion: Let your patriotism show; have a good time

By the Advocate Editorial Board
July 3, 2011 at 2:03 a.m.

With more than 235 burn bans across the state, residents should be careful when they blow out the candles celebrating the United States' birthday today. Fireworks can cause fires, so try to make other festive plans.

County residents will be allowed to set off fireworks at Saxet Lake Park.

A better idea would be to forget setting fireworks off at all this Independence Day. Save them for next year or New Year's Day.

Instead, watch the city's fireworks display being set off at Ethel Lee Tracy Park. These can be watched from Victoria Mall and several other satellite parking lots.

Last year's display was deemed a success in terms of visibility for more viewers. However, traffic congestion and floating embers were problems for some.

This year, more entertainment is planned to help traffic flow. Some people will stay and enjoy the music while others will head home.

The type of fireworks this year will be ignited at higher elevations to help prevent live embers from landing over the Park Stone subdivision.

Remember, Independence Day isn't just about fireworks. It's a time to recall that time in 1776 when our country's founders came together to declare freedom from Great Britain and its tyrannical leader, King George III.

That unified effort resulted in the document we call the Declaration of Independence.

Nowadays, on July 4, we celebrate not only with fireworks but with friends and family. We have picnics, parades, barbecues, baseball, music, and we wave flags - the colors red, white and blue take dominance over other colors. We enjoy food: fried chicken, apple pie, hot dogs, watermelon and other traditional fare.

Patriotism rests on our freedoms and pride. Let's exercise our patriotism, celebrate what we've fought for all these years and be proud to be an American citizen in the country that is still the greatest among all.

But please be safe; avoid setting off fireworks that are illegal, and definitely don't start a fire. You can have lots of fun without setting your own fireworks off.

Happy Independence Day.

This editorial reflects the views of the Victoria Advocate's editorial board.



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