College extends thanks to supporters, congratulations to students

July 5, 2011 at 2:05 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of Victoria College, I'd like to express my thanks to the Victoria Advocate for publishing this year's series of VC student "What's Your Story?" essays as guest columns. The annual essay contest asks VC students to express how getting an education has changed their lives, and each year we're honored to share these inspirational stories of courage, determination and perseverance.

Congratulations to the three students who each won a $1,000 scholarship - Elena Glidewell, Lauren Vasquez and Tham Le - and thank you to all the other students who shared their stories. These stories will surely prove inspirational to other students who have dreams they'd like to achieve.

Every student who attends VC has a story, a dream, a goal to reach and success to achieve, and we are proud of every single one. The stories you've read in the Advocate in recent weeks are only a few examples of the many inspiring accounts of how Victoria College has forever changed the lives of our neighbors and friends.

I also want to thank each individual, business and foundation who has donated to the VC Foundation. By giving to the VC Foundation, you are supporting the dreams of our students and making more and more success stories become realities. For every student at VC who is working to achieve their dreams, there is always another student who needs help getting here. A future student inspired by these essays may benefit from your support someday.

Dr. Tom Butler, president, Victoria College, Victoria



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