Advocate editorial board opinion: Choose leader who will embrace community

By the Advocate Editorial Board
July 7, 2011 at 2:07 a.m.

Having a director in place for the Victoria Convention and Visitors Bureau is of great importance because the soon-to-be city department will need a charismatic motivator at its helm who can get things accomplished to reach the goal of making Victoria a destination city.

Now directorless, and a part of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce, the Bureau soon will move under the direction of the city Aug. 1.

We would love to see a qualified candidate hired for the position come from Victoria or a nearby community. Such a person should be familiar with the city and the Crossroads.

What we mean is that the qualifications, which should include an experienced background in the industry, marketing, communication and more, are only part of the equation.

The Bureau should have a person who is going to be involved in every facet of the city and area, which is why a person from the area would be a plus. But we understand the position must be complemented with the qualifications as well.

Our very own Brother Gary Moses would be an excellent model who the future director should follow around to get the hang of what we are talking about. Moses has the right idea in getting involved in the goings-on of the community.

We also believe a new director will gain the trust of the community if transparency is achieved.

By that, we mean the director should show accountability for the funds he or she spends and in how the Bureau manages its budget. This is good business management and sense.

Of course, the Bureau will be supervised by O.C. Garza, the city's communications director, and that assures accountability in the new department.

A new director should have talent in diplomacy, as well as public relations and communication.

A director being visible in the community almost to ubiquity helps the Bureau and the community to achieve the goal of making Victoria a destination city for conventions and conferences.

We wish Garza the best in leading the search for a new Victoria Convention and Visitors Bureau director.

This editorial reflects the views of the Victoria Advocate's editorial board.



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