Callers weigh in on Anthony case, other topics

July 8, 2011 at 2:08 a.m.

An absolutely insane decision. A travesty of justice

Shannon, Victoria

I do not agree with the jury verdict. I think that she is guilty, and I will always think that she is guilty, and it is not right that people are getting away with murdering their children. It is not right. I don't agree.

Theresa, Victoria

So the city doesn't know how much money is left in the Convention and Visitors Bureau. I'll bet it was used to fund the inane, bring your boots campaign. Now I see that a boot fest is in the works for later in the year. Please spare us, and save our money.

Marilyn, Victoria

I do not agree with the not-guilty verdict for Casey Anthony. I believe that the devil was in that courtroom, and I believe that this was a demonstration to the whole world of pure evil.

Janie, Inez

I don't have a favorite Harry Potter movie because they all seem to go over my head. I don't understand a lot of them.

Mary, Port O'Connor

My favorite Harry Potter movie is the "Goblet of Fire" because it shows that the three friends are starting to grow up and to mature.

Theresa, Victoria



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